When does the Wonder Woman Cup start?

The Wonder Woman Cup takes place in Fortnite today and gives you the chance to earn the skin for free a whole 24 hours before it lands in the item store. We've been treated to Cups for Gamora and Cammy recently and the Wonder Woman Cup will follow the same format

If you haven't participated in a character cup before, here's what you'll need to know about the Wonder Woman Cup.

Wonder Woman Cup Start Time

The Wonder Woman Cup will commence at 18:00 BST on Wednesday, 18 August. It will last for three hours and in this time, you can play a maximum of ten matches in the Duos tournament.

Wonder Woman Cup points and time
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The start time and point scoring system for the Wonder Woman Cup

Your score per match will be comprised of your finishing position and the number of eliminations. This score is totalled after the ten matches and if you finish among the top players to participate, you win the skin!

How to register for the Wonder Woman Cup

Like previous cups, there is no official register or sign up process. There is, however, a little account admin that is needed before you can participate.

You need to ensure that your Epic/Fortnite account is a least level 30. You can check your account level in the Career tab in Fortntie. Your account must also have two-factor authorisation enabled for added security. Finally, you must be at least 13 to participate in the Wonder Woman Cup.

Provided that all of the above is taken care of, you simply need to enter the right game mode come 18:00 BST.

The character cups usually have their own game mode while they are live and you just need to switch into it. Matchmaking is possible during the Wonder Woman Cup so you don't need to worry about recruiting a friend, although it may be easier to communicate with them!

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