How to get the skins from the Fortnite Cammy Cup

The Fortnite X Street Fighter collaboration, including skins for Guile and Cammy, is now underway and you can unlock Cammy early.

Cups have been used to debut skins before like with Thanos but Cammy might be a little different. Here's what we know so far.

Latest - You can unlock Cammy tomorrow

As the Cammy Cup started yesterday on August 5th, you can purchase the skin for yourself tomorrow on August 7th.

Make sure to get your V-Bucks ready.

Fortnite Cammy Cup Start Time

The Cammy Cup started on Thursday, 5 August. Players had three hours to complete up to 10 games to maximise your score and earn a prize. The Cammy Cup went live from 18:00 through to 21:00 BST on the EU servers.

Fortnite Cammy Cup start time
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START TIME: The time shown is for the EU Server

If you want to check your local start times you can head to the 'compete' tab from the Fortnite lobby.

Cammy Cup Format

The Cammy Cup was a duos tournament, despite how many players cry out for more solos events it seems that Fortnite is happier with squad-based modes for now.

Fortnite Cammy and Guile
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DUOS: Grab a friend, who's good at the game, and jump into the Cammy Cup

You'll earn points for your finishing position in matches while also earning points for eliminations. The Cammy Cup follows the format of the Thanos Cup almost exactly.

Cammy Cup Prizes

For entering the Cammy Cup and earning at least 8 points across your matches, you'll earn the Round Two Loading Screen. Fortnite has always been good at offering participation prizes like this across multiple Cups and the Cammy Cup is no different.

Fortnite Cammy Cup Prizes
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PRIZES: Here's what you can earn if you're one of the top teams in the region

The big prize is what you're really after though. For finishing as one of the best teams in your region, you'll earn the Cammy Outfit and Borealis Backer Back Bling. No word yet on if earning this prize will mean the Street Fighter Bundle will be further discounted in the store should you wish to purchase it.

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