What you gonna do when Will Smith comes for you... in Fortnite

Normally, when a big celebrity joins Fortnite it's cause for celebration but not with Will Smith. Of all the characters that he has portrayed on the silver screen, Mike Lowrey seems like the strangest choice for a skin. Maybe it's to cover the quiet period as we head towards Season 8?

What are the inner workings of this deal? Something seems off here and the skin just doesn't sit right with me...

Fortnite adds Will Smith

So in a season dedicated to an Alien Invasion, Will Smith arrives in Fortnite as Mike Lowrey and not Agent J? You could have literally added the Men in Black, a perfect fit, instead we get one-half of the Bad Boys films?

No disrespect to the films but does the audience playing Fortnite really care for them? Given how many people are hyped to just play as Will Smith, I'd hazard a guess at no. Also, are we getting a Martin Lawrence skin? Probably not, because this deal stinks of finding a way for Will Smith to be in Fortnite and that's it.

Could have been Capt. Steve Hiller, Detective Del Spooner, Robert Neville, Hancock or even Deadshot. Nope, forget all the more appropriate roles he's played, let's used the one half of a buddy cop film. Maybe it was the cheapest and easiest deal to strike?

Will Smith Skin Price

The good news? It's a cheap skin by Fortnite standards. The Mike Lowrey/Will Smith Skin bundle costs 1,500 V-Bucks and comes with the base skin and back bling.

Fortnite Will Smith Skin Bundle
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A good price for a collaboration bundle, even if there's just two items

Missing from the bundle is the Loose Cannon Cutters which launched with the character. This harvesting tool is an additional 500 V-Bucks in the Item Store.

There you have it, it'll take 2,000 V-Bucks to live out your fantasies of playing a Will Smith in Fortnite. Are you happy with the new skin or just as confused as I am?

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