Could another Fortnite collab with The Suicide Squad be on the way?

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Ariana Grande, Rick Sanchez, J Balvin, and... Fortnite's list of collaborations is as crazy as some of the gameplay you see in Epic Games' battle royale and leaks are suggesting another collaboration is coming from James Gunn's The Suicide Squad. Here's everything we know...

UPDATE - It's time to make peace on Fortnite Island

The Suicide Squad's Peacemaker could be the next DC character to get a Fortnite skin, although it won't be for a while.


ShiinaBR has suggested that John Cena's Peacemaker will be getting a Fortnite skin alongside his spin-off series in January 2022. It's believable, but a bit of a long-shot given that the Peacemaker show is several months away.

Apparently, though, this information comes from the same leaker who leaked the Bloodsport collab ahead of its official reveal. The Suicide Squad's cast all deserve to be in Fortnite, really, and we're surprised that Bloodsport was the only one to be released alongisde it. Adding Peacemaker into the mix when his show comes out seems like a no-brainer.

New Sprays Suggest New Skins

HYPEX, a notorious Fortnite data miner and leaker, has revealed four new sprays coming to Fortnite in the next update. As you can see below, they all relate to members of the new The Suicide Squad movie.

Harley Quinn, Polka-Dot Man, Peacemaker, and King Shark are all represented here and each spray is "Part of the Task Force X set". This could mean we're going to see a few more skins pop up over the next week or two.


Epic Games often announces a skin a few days before they release, so there's still plenty of time for another announcement from them. However, we're expecting things to start happening after The Rift Tour has concluded on August 8th.

Bloodsport Confirmed, Trailer Showcases New Skin

Bloodsport is the first The Suicide Squad character to be announced for the collaboration and, so far, we don't know a whole lot about what he comes with. Looking at the announcement, which you can see below, he comes with his own Back Bling and Harvesting Tool.

It also looks like he may be releasing alongside an exclusive Emote and a Harley Quinn Rebirth recolour and/or variant appearance. Bloodsport is due to release on August 3rd at 17:00 PST / 20:00 EST and August 4th at 01:00 BST.

Canonically, Bloodsport is a mercenary hired to kill Superman. Does this mean we could see him in WB Games' Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League? He might not be a playable character, with Harley Quinn, King Shark, Captain Boomerang, and Deadshot already confirmed, but there's a chance...

Confirmed "Suicide Squad" Characters so far...

So far, only Bloodshot has been confirmed to be making an appearance in Fortnite. A short teaser was tweeted out by director James Gunn showing the Suicide Squad member causing havoc on Fortnite Island.


We are unsure as to whether the characters will be like their real-world actor counterparts. In the bloodshot clip, the character's face is covered by their mask which is an easy workaround but this might not be so simple for other characters.

Possible Suicide Squad Character Crossovers

As for additional Suicide Squad members to make their way into Fortnite, we have a few ideas as to who we would like to see;

  • Rick Flag - Leader of the Suicide Squad, a much less uptight version of the character than the 2016 version.
  • King Shark - Come on, who wouldn't want to tear up Fortnite Island as a giant shark.
  • Peacemaker - Think about how Captain America would act if he was a frat-bro idiot whose love for his country came above all else. He also has a pretty awesome gun that could make an appearance with the skin.
  • Captain Boomerang - A popular character who acts as comic relief but can also kick your ass, sure to be a great addition to Fortnite.
Fortnite Suicide Squad Crossover Bloodsport
Bloodsport as seen in Fortnite

Harley Quinn already features in Fortnite as part of the initial DC crossover event but could receive some Suicide Squad skins that potentially use Margot Robbie's likeness.


We could also see Starro featured in some way, likely as back bling given that it might be hard to turn it into a playable character.