Fortnite Season 6 downtime announced

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 is right around the corner, after weeks of speculating and looking for any hint and clue as to what to expect, the season is now within reach.

But before we can dive into Season 6, we've still got the Season 5 event to watch first, but that will happen as Season 6 begins.

So when is downtime for the Season 6 update so we can get back to getting those Victory Royales?

Season 6 Downtime Announced

Epic Games has announced that the Season 6 downtime will begin at 12am EST/4am GMT.

This is much earlier than the usual 4-5am EST/9am GMT that we are used to.

It was rumoured that the downtime could last anywhere from 6-8 hours, so an earlier downtime does make sense.

The Season 5 event will also premiere on YouTube at 4am EST/8am GMT, 4 hours after downtime begins.

It is unknown whether downtime will end after the premiere, but it shouldn't end before as the premiere is meant to happen before Season 6 begins.

What To Expect

In a series of tweets and blog post, Epic Games announced what to expect from the upcoming event.

"CH2 Season 6 launches on March 16 with the explosive conclusion of the events of Season 5. You'll play through the culmination of Agent Jones' mission in the Zero Crisis Finale. This is a solo experience & you can play through it whenever you first login during the Season."

This will be the first time we've seen something like this from Fortnite, usually, an event is a cinematic experience that players just sit back and watch, except last season we got to take part in a flying event that emulated the Death Star battle from Star Wars Episode 4.

Fortnite Galactus Event Space Battle
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Players will also be able to watch the experience first online before jumping into it themselves, more details will be shared before the start of the new season.

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