Fortnite Patch V14.20 – Patch Notes, New Mythic Weapons, Wolverine Boss, Fortnite Birthday, Items, Latest News and More!

The second patch of Season 4 has finally been released.

The new patch is jammed pack full of content for players to check out.

Like any patch we do not have official patch notes but we have some news.

Here it is!

Full Patch Notes

In classic Epic Games fashion, they have not provide detailed patch notes!

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However, the night before the update went live, they sent out some minor patch notes to creators.

Thanks to claystehling we are able to see all of them.

Check out all the details below.

Patch Notes 1
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NICE - New updates!

HYPEX also noted some other game changes that were not addressed in the above notes:

  • Uncommon and Rare Scoped AR's are vaulted
  • Gift Boxes are returning
  • Midas Flopper has a 1% catch rate now


The not so secret battle pass skin is making an appearance on the map now.

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As noted in the patch notes:

"Confront Weapon X deep in Weeping Woods, take him out, and shred through your opponents with the Wolverine's Claws mythic power"

Mythic Weapons

Leaked sometime ago by HYPEX, we knew we were going to get brand new Mythic Weapons at some point.

We can now confirm Wolverine's Claws will be in the game!

Abilities min 1
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WOW – So many!

Birthday Event

Fortnite will be celebrating its third anniversary since releasing its battle royale game mode.

Expect some free cosmetics and other challenges this week!

Bug Fixes

Below is a list of bug fixes that will be addressed this patch accoridng to the Fortnite Trello Board.

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  • Battle Royale Issues
    • Replays not saving on PlayStation 4.
      • Some players on PlayStation 4 may not see any recorded replays when viewing them in the Career tab.
    • Fishing Spots can disappear on PC with Effects set to Low.
      • On PC, having your "Effects" setting set to "Low" can make Fishing Spots disappear, even at close range. (Fishing Spots should still appear normally with Effects set to Medium or above.)
    • Heroes Park and Ghost House don't count as Discovered Locations after discovering them.
      • Heroes Park and Ghost House don't count as Discovered Locations after discovering them.
  • Creative Mode Top Issues
    • Grass is not removed when placing objects on the ground
    • Some players are not granted items from a "team settings" and inventory device at the beginning of any round after the first round.
  • Save The World Top Issues
    • Redline Ramirez's Commander Perk doesn't apply its fire rate buff to charged Sniper Rifles. This includes the Boom Bow.
  • Mobile Top Issues
    • The visibility of Fishing Spots can be inconsistent at close range on Nintendo Switch and Android, sometimes disappearing then reappearing.
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