Fortnite Patch V14.10: Patch Notes, News, Release Date, Skins, Downtime, Iron Man POI, Locations, Leaks & more!

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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 is three weeks in now, and fans are enjoying the Marvel characters on the island.

Epic has been updating every week, so we're excited to get playing the lastest patch.

Latest News - Stark Industries Trailer!

Get ready for Stark Industries to arrive in Fornite!

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This leaked trailer was sourced by VastBlast, and will see new powers and enemies arrive on the island!

Patch Notes

By now, most of you are well aware that Epic does not like to release patch notes for whatever reason.

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Instead, we must rely on Epic Games creators to post the patch notes on Twitter the night before the update.

Check out the patch notes for the new update via thanks to claystehling

Patch Noters 2
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So, expect an array of patch notes from Twitter shortly before downtime begins.

Release Date

Patch V14.10 arrived on on Wednesday, 9 September.

New Skins

StonewallTabor posted the following image the day the season released, as it was a part of the releases comics Marvel and Fortnite collaborated on.

New Mavel Skins
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LEAKED - New Marvel skins?

In this image we can see the following unreleased Marvel characters:

  • Ghost Rider
  • Venom
  • Blade
  • Daredevil

All of whom have not been confirmed for the current Fortnite season, or have not had files encrypted yet.

So, perhaps this patch will implement their files into the game and we will see them in the item shop soon!

Chest Spawn Rate

Although the new Fortnite season has been better than most, there is one constant issue that everyone is having.

That is the reduced chest spawn rates from 100% that Epic decided to change.

Hopefully, they revert this change as it is one that has confused casual and professional Fortnite players.

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