Fortnite: New Weapon Leaked in Trailer? Black Manta, Aquaman, Heavy AR, Mini-Gun and More News!

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 has been one of the best season in quite some time, and players are having a blast!

With the season at the halfway point now, we got a brand new trailer with the release of the Black Manta skin.

This also queued some speculation after a vaulted weapon appeared in the trailer.

Here's what we know!

Full Trailer

If you did not catch the trailer for the brand new Black Manta skin, check it out below!

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Did you manage to spot a familiar weapon during the trailer?

Heavy Assault Rifle (AK)

Reddit user u/Raynedrop168 was the first one to post it to the Fortnite Reddit, and noted that a Legendary version of the AK was found.

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For those who do not know, the Heavy Assault Rifle was apart of the game last season, but was removed when Season 3 released.

You can view the full post here, or below is an image of where the weapon appears.

Heavy AR
click to enlarge

BANG BANG - Who else remembers the infamous 72hrs clip?


In the comment section of the above post, there was also some eagled eyed users that spotted the Mini-Gun.

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User u/multimouse89 noted that the classic weapon was present in the trailer was as well!

Coming Soon?

Although this does not confirm the two weapons will be making a return to the game, it does seem odd that they would include these weapons.

With a new Fortnite patch not being released for around two and half weeks now; perhaps the next one will have massive changes.

We will have to wait and see!

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