Fortnite Giant Whirlpool: Challenges, New Location, The Fortilla, Skins, Aquaman & More

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 is finally live, which means that there's a bunch of changes for the game, including a brand new set of challenges to complete!

We saw Deadpool last season, and this time around it is Aquaman with the tie to the battle royale.

There are two skins to unlock and challenges to complete, and one of them revolves around a whirlpool at The Fortilla, so continue below for everything we know!

New Map Who Dis?

Fortnite's ever-changing map has been fragmented into a series of islands for the latest season, and with the new map comes new challenges.

fortnite new location
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ISLAND VIBES: The latest season of Fortnite is the perfect island retreat for sun-deprived gamers!

Many of the locations that players have learned to love are now entirely submerged, and we've heard that the map will continue to evolve as the season progresses.

Whirlpool at The Fortilla

The Fortilla is a collection of islands which are connected together with zipline, located south of Holly Hedges and to the west of the Rickety Rig.

giant whirlpool
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EASY TO FIND: You’ll find this string of islands in the bottom left corner of the map

The Fortilla sits pretty much where Slurpy Swamp once was, but now looks completely different - and this is where you will find a giant whirlpool!

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Whirlpools are easy to spot from the sky, so ensure you have your glider out while above The Fortilla and you should be able to see one and land directly in it.

Keep an eye out for enemies while you do this as they can spot you and shoot you out of the sky.

Completing the whirlpool at Fortilla challenge earns you the 'King of the Beach' loading screen, which features Aquaman riding on the back of sharks.

How to get Aquaman Skin

It’s official: the Aquaman skin is coming to Fortnite!

aquaman skin challenge
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VARIANT: Once you've earned the Aquaman skin, you can even unlock the Arthur Curry variant!

Now for the bad news...

To unlock this skin, you’ll need to complete five Aquaman challenges, with one being released every week with the fifth and final one arriving on 16 July.

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Here’s the list of the challenges we know about so far and their rewards:

  • Use a whirlpool at the Fortilla – ‘King of the Beach’ loading screen
  • ? (25 June) – Trident spray
  • ? (2 July) – Aquaman’s Trident
  • ? (9 July) – Supreme Shell
  • ? (16 July) – Unknown reward

We will be back with an update when the next challenge is revealed on 25 June!

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