Fortnite Dragon Ball Skins: Leaks, Bundles, Price & More

The world of Fortnite is getting ready for its largest crossover event yet!

The massive anime franchise Dragon Ball will be introduced to the popular battle royale alongside the 21.40 Fortnite Update, and run until the end of the Season.

The crossover, according to various Fortnite leakers, is set to have a series of Dragon Ball-themed quests that take up their own tab on the menu, giving an indicator that this is a very big deal

Outside of the quests, players can expect cosmetics too, so let's take a look at what they are, their bundles, and their prices.

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LATEST - Fortnite x Dragon Ball Content is Now Available

With the 21.40 Update for Fortnite now fully complete, the game is up and running again with full access to the Dragon Ball cosmetics in the item shop as well as the new line of Dragon Ball-related Quests.

Bounty Boards are now Versus Boards

One of the newest features for the Dragon Ball crossover is the changes made to the various bounty boards across the map, now becoming themed Versus boards as shown by FN_Assist.

The somewhat questionable-looking re-design found in the game files is to mark the change in mechanic for the duration of the Dragon Ball crossover for Fortnite. Instead of now giving the player a general area where their target is and leaving you to hunt them down, the versus board takes two players and reveals them to each other on the map so a battle can begin.

Tournament of Power Revealed

For those looking for a more competitive side to their Fortnite and Dragon Ball experience, there is now an official themed tournament set to take place starting Thursday, 18th August 2022.

You can find the official rules in the blog post about the tournament.

New Weapons and Items

As revealed in the trailer, the Dragon Ball crossover doesn't stop at just new cosmetics and quests, with Fortnite insider iFireMonkey now reporting that the battle royale is getting a ridable Nimbus Cloud that isn't just a glider alongside the powerful Kamehameha attack revealed in the trailer.

These weapons won't be in the Arena mode aside from the Dragon Ball related tournament.

Dragon Ball Quests Tab

Dragon Ball Quests Available in Fortnite
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As revealed by the official Epic Games blog page on the new crossover and reported by leakers months ahead of time, the Dragon Ball x Fortnite event has its own tab on the main menu, with a battle pass-like levelling system that will give you quests to increase your power level by testing your strength, agility focus and more.

Collecting the 7 Dragon Balls will let you unlock the Shenron Glider.

Dragon Ball Crossover Trailer

Fortnite has finally released the trailer for their long-awaited Dragon Ball crossover on their official YouTube Channel. Check it out below:

Fortnite Dragon Ball Bundles

As confirmed by the trailer for the crossover, the four characters making the jump over to Fortnite are Son Goku, Vegeta, Beerus and Bulma, confirming previous leaks about the crossover.

Vegeta and Goku had previously been revealed by The Mexican Bandai Namco TikTok and reported on by reliable sources such as ShiinaBR.

As for the bundles in the Fortnite Item Shop, the Dragon Ball options are similar to the Naruto options from earlier in the year with the characters split off into pairs. The bundles, as shown by ShiinaBR, are Goku and Beerus for one pairing and then Vegeta and Bulma for the other.

Other accessories related to the Dragon Ball items that aren't included will either be sold separately or kept as unlockables for the new Dragon Ball Quests.

*UPDATED* Fortnite Dragon Ball Skins Price

Unfortunately for fans, it appears that the cost of the Dragon Ball cosmetics in Fortnite will be higher than previously anticipated, with the full list of prices revealed by ShiinaBR:

While the prices listed are similar to that of the Naruto crossover bundles as we expected, they are slightly higher across the board due to the increased complexity of some of the cosmetics included.

The solo character options are 1,200 V-Bucks at their cheapest for Bulma and then 2,000 V-Bucks at the most expensive option in Goku. Vegeta is 1,800 and Beerus is at 1,500 which was expected to be close to the price for most of the outfits.

The larger, dual-character bundles meanwhile are also more expensive than previously anticipated with the Goku and Beerus bundle coming in at a massive 2,700 V-Bucks with Vegeta and Bulma not too far behind on 2,300.

Dragon Ball is coming to Fortnite
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There is also the Gear Bundle which is listed for 1,800 V-Bucks though the standalone accessories are still expected to follow the standard price scheme of 500 V-Bucks for uncommon items, 800 for Rare, and then 1,200 for Epic.

Be sure to purchase the bundles first to save money where possible if you do want multiple cosmetics.

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