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Fortnite is Getting a Dragon Ball Crossover

As Epic Games' gaming powerhouse of an IP Fortnite continues its expansion into the world of pop culture, it was inevitable that more high-profile collaborations would be coming. The latest appears to be a Dragon Ball Fortnite Crossover.

Fortnite has already partnered up with some of the largest brands and IPs on the planet with crossovers tied to large Marvel characters like Spider-Man and Captain America, Star Wars characters like Darth Vader and Obi-Wan Kenobi and even a duo of Naruto collaborations.

This latest crossover has been hinted at by the 21.20 update and sees the massively popular anime Dragon Ball getting its time to crossover with the battle royale. Here's what we know.

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LATEST - Dragon Ball Crossover Confirmed For 21.40 Update

After weeks of speculation, leaks and rumours, Fortnite has finally confirmed their upcoming Dragon Ball crossover for the 21.40 update scheduled for Tuesday, 16th August 2022. Check out our article on the update for any new information.

More Information Revealed by Leakers

Reliable Fortnite insider and leaker HYPEX has revealed a lot more information about the upcoming Fortnite Dragon Ball Crossover, including how it may work and a potential release window for it.

The Fortnite Dragon Ball Crossover will have it's own tab on the main menu of Fortnite, with seven circles potentially representing the dragon balls themselves or even the quests set to arrive with the crossover.

HYPEX also suggests that this crossover will likely happen after the next update as the outfits are currently unavailable in the game files but fans should expect to see it begin in the next few weeks.

Dragon Ball Fortnite Skins Confirmed by Leakers

According to Fortnite Leaker HYPEX via MidaRado, three of the four Dragon Ball Fortnite skins have been confirmed as Goku, Vegeta, the previously rumoured Beerus and an unknown 4th character which will likely be female.

LATEST - Fortnite 21.30 Updates Reveals Details

The Fortnite 21.30 Update has now landed and brought about a lot of changes to the battle royale but also added a brand new glider texture to the files which appears to resemble one of Dragon Ball's Attack Balls/ Sayian Pods. The leaked texture comes from FN_Assist who suggests that this could be the crossover glider we get in August.

Fortnite Leaker iFireMonkey, meanwhile, has posted that there are currently two known codenames for the Dragon Ball Fortnite Cosmetics.

Stamina Vigor (Glider related to a male skin) and Stamina Cat (Male Skin). People are now speculating that the second one titled "Stamina Cat" suggests that Beerus will be one of the cosmetics when the crossover happens.

Dragon Ball Fortnite Outfit Rumours

According to Fortnite insider HYPEX via reliable source MidaRado, the Dragon Ball Fortnite collab will have four different skins available in the game similar to each round of the Naruto crossovers.

Two of the outfits are expected to be Goku and Vegeta as the two most popular characters but the other two are up in the air as of writing, with many fans speculating as to what they could be.

Thoughts on which characters will also make the jump are divided into two categories. Popular Dragon Ball Z characters and characters related to the upcoming movie that releases around the same time. One of the popular options is Piccolo though the fourth is a lot more out there.

Dragon Ball is Coming to Fortnite

Dragon Ball Capsules Potentially Added to Fortnite
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The largest indicator that Dragon Ball will be making its way into Fortnite comes from Fortnite Leaker and reliable news source HYPEX who shared some of the files added to Fortnite with the 21.20 update, pointing out their similarity to Dragon Ball.

The item in question appears to be a model based on the capsules found in Dragon Ball, an item used to make items compact and easy to carry. The logo on the in-game module is similar but not identical to Dragon Ball's Capsule Corp.

The most believable time for this crossover to happen is around the next Dragon Ball movie which is set to release on Friday, 19th August 2022 in the US & Canada. This would make the most sense for this crossover event as it would then benefit both parties involved a lot more.

Outside of the capsules, we don't know what the crossover will involve though a safe bet would be the inclusion of popular characters as outfits in the item shop.

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