Fortnite Dragon Ball Quests: How to Complete, Rewards & More

After months of speculation, rumour and countless leaks, the Fortnite and Dragon Ball crossover is finally upon us and set to run until the very end of the season.

This massive crossover has introduced many new features to the world of Epic Games' battle royale but perhaps none are as impressive as the massive amount of quests added via the 21.40 Update.

With their own unique battle pass-like tab in the Fortnite lobby, these quests are going to be a major part of the remaining weeks before Season 4 arrives, so here are all of them.

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Fortnite x Dragon Ball Quests

A look at the Dragon Ball quest page in the Fortnite lobby.
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As of writing, we know that these quests will be used to complete your power level and to continue ranking up on the Fortnite Quest tabs, letting you unlock a variety of themed items.

This questline is timed and centred around the collecting of the dragon balls to unlock the final reward of the Shenron glider. Each of the quest stages will only be available for a limited time so be sure to get on and beat them ASAP.

Below is the full list of quests:

Dragon Ball Bonus Goals

  • Collect Dragon Balls by completing Quests 0/7 (Shenron Glider)

Dragon Ball Warmup Quests

The Goku skin available in the Dragon Ball crossover for Fortnite.
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  • Complete Warmup Quests 0/3 (1 Star Dragon Ball)
  • Open Capsule Corp capsules 0/2 (4M Power Level)
  • Visit a familiar training location 0/1 (3M Power Level)
  • Purchase an item from a Dragon Ball Vending Machine 0/1 ( 2M Power Level)
  • Destroy objects with the Kamehameha 0/100 (5M Power Level)
  • Travel Distance in a Nimbus Cloud 0/1,500 (5M Power Level)
  • Watch Dragon Ball Super in Dragon Ball Super Episode Festival 0/1 (2M Power Level)

Dragon Ball Sparring Practice Quests

  • Complete Sparring Practice Quests 0/3 (Two Star Dragon Ball)
  • Join a Versus Battle in different matches 0/2 (2M Power Level)
  • Damage an Enemy Player Before Taking Damage in Different Matches 0/3 (3M Power Level)
  • Damage Enemy Players With The Kamehameha 0/300 (4M Power Level)
  • Win a Versus Battle 0/1 (5M Power Level)

Dragon Ball Strength Training Quests

Fortnite Dragon Ball Bulma.
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  • Complete Strength Training Quests 0/3 (Three Star Dragon Ball)
  • Push Giant Boulders or Timber Pine Logs 0/500 (3M Power Level)
  • Destroy 10 Objects With a Single Kamehameha Attack 0/1 (5M Power Level)
  • Use The Kamehameha to Destroy a Small Car (3M Power Level)
  • Damage Opponents Within a Single Match 0/300 (2M Power Level)

Dragon Ball Agility Training Quests

  • Complete Agility Training Quests 0/3 (Four Star Dragon Ball)
  • Complete The Mushroom Obstacle Course 0/1 (4M Power Level)
  • Complete The Desert Time Trial 0/1 (4M Power Level)
  • Deal Damage to Opponents While Sliding 0/200 (2M Power Level)
  • Deal Damage to Opponents Within 5 Seconds After Sprinting 0/200 (2M Power Level)

Dragon Ball Endurance Training Quests

  • Complete Endurance Training Quests 0/3 (Five Star Dragon Ball)
  • Survive Storm Phases 0/10 (2M Power Level)
  • Gain 150 Shields in Different Matches 0/3 (2M Power Level)
  • Land at Logjam Lotus Then Climb to The Highest Point in Shifty Shafts 0/1 (3M Power Level)
  • Collect Capsules in Dragon Ball Adventure Island 0/100 (3M Power Level)
  • Collect a Dragon Ball in Dragon Ball Adventure Islands 0/1 (4M Power Level)

Dragon Ball Focus Training Quests

  • Complete Focus Training Quests 0/1 (Six Star Dragon Ball)
  • Hit Headshots While Aiming Down Sights 0/20 (2M Power Level)
  • Damage a Player From 75 or More Meters With Scoped Weapons 0/200 (3M Power Level)
  • Collect a Rare or Better Item From The Ground Within 3 Seconds of Landing From The Battle Bus 0/3 (3M Power Level)
  • Damage a Player With The Kamehameha Before Landing From The Nimbus Cloud 0/1 (4M Power Level)
  • Travel Distance in a Vehicle on Asphalt 0/750 (4M Power Level)
  • Swing From 5 Different Trees Without Landing With The Grapple Gloves 0/1 (4M Power Level)

Dragon Ball Recovery Quests

  • Complete Recovery Quests 0/3 (Seven Star Dragon Ball)
  • Regain Health While Resting in a Tent 0/50 (2M Power Level)
  • Get Toasty by a Campfire and Regain Health 0/50 (3M Power Level)
  • Go Fishin' at Leafy Reef, Mighty Monument, and Loot Landing 0/3 (4M Power Level)
  • Restore Health by Eating Fish or Meat During or After a Versus Battle 0/200 (4M Power Level)
  • Use a Fishing Rod to Ride a Loot Shark 0/1 (4M Power Level)
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