Football Manager 21: FM 21 Gameplay Features Revealed - Graphics, Animations, Gestures, Recruitment & more

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The biggest new gameplay features coming to Football Manager 21 (FM 21) have been revealed!

Let's dive right into what's to come on launch day.

Gameplay Feature Reveals


FM 21 will have many new gameplay features across the many areas of team management.

FM 21 press conference 1
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While we got a glimpse of these features in the recent trailer, we've now gotten a solid breakdown of each.

Gameplay, Graphics


When players hit the pitch in Football Manager 21, they'll notice some new upgrades. This includes new animations and new player models.

FM 21 gameplay 1
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This will bring a whole new life to match day, which is a welcomed addition.



Instead of choosing the emotion your dialogue choices will go with, Football Manager 21 will allow players to use gestures instead.

FM 21 features new gestures dialogue
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This means that players can express themselves in many unique ways during dialogue.


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If you're looking to greet a longtime veteran of the squad, you might start your conversation with open arms. If you've run into a contentious media personality, you might shake your head at inflammatory questions.

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These will affect your relationships and personality as a manager.


Putting together your team is a huge part of the fun in the Football Manager series, and it's getting big upgrades in FM 21.

FM 21 recruitment meetings
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Scouting and data teams will be more in-depth than ever, with new recruitment meetings happening regularly to better simulate the collaborative relationship between owners, staff, and your will as manager.


After a mentally taxing year in Football Manager 21, players may forget some of the accomplishments they've made along the way.

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With new end-of-season recap systems, Football Manager 21 will allow players to review the gradual progress they make by looking back at pivotal moments.

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This includes your biggest win, highest score, and your goal of the season among others.