*UPDATED* Football Manager 2021 Release Date: SI confirm game for this year, launch date, beta, news, rumours, & more

Fans are still in love with FM20, but when will Sports Interactive’s next game hit the shelves?

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Lockdown has been a prime opportunity for armchair managers to play Football Manager.

With record numbers of players, FM20 has been a huge success. But when can we get our hands on Football Manager 2021?

Football Manager 2021 release date

There isn’t a confirmed release date for Football Manager 2021 yet, but Sports Interactive has hinted at it.

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TACTICAL EXPERIMENTATION: Who hasn’t played around with new ideas

In a recent statement, SI confirmed there will be an FM21 despite lockdown disruption.

“there will be new Football Manager games released later this year.”

That is music to our ears! When will it arrive though?

“a little later than we’d originally planned

FM usually lands somewhere in early to mid-November. A little later than that would land in it early December. This is probably as far back as SI would want to push it, otherwise they risk missing out on the Christmas rush.

FM21 beta release date

The Football Manager beta usually arrives two or three weeks before the release date.

That means we can expect to be playing the beta in November.

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Your beta save is always transferable to the full game once it is released, so you won’t have to worry about starting again once the actual release date arrives.

SI will probably want a longer beta this year, as they seem set to deliver a lot of new features.

New features

Sports Interactive always tries to throw new features into the game.

FM20 saw the introduction of the Club Vision, Code Of Conduct, and Tactical Insights.

WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO: Well the Club Vision tells you exactly

A lot of these were small tweaks to help accessibility for new players or streamline some processes that had been frustrating the experienced managers.

What will we get this year?

The SI statement says that there will be “exceptionally strong feature sets”, which is quite the promise.

“I firmly believe you’ll all appreciate the improvements and new features this year” said SI’s studio director Miles Jacobson. It sounds like FM21 will be a step ahead of even this year’s incredible game!

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