Football Manager 2021: Touch Release Date Confirmed, Beta Live, News, Rumours & More

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We're less than a fortnight away from the launch of Football Manager 21!

With record numbers of players Football Manager 20 did a great job expanding the series, so what can we expect for Football Manager 2021?


Latest News - FM Touch Release Date Revealed

We've had plenty of action in terms of the full release of FM21, but things on the touch side have been quiet.

Not anymore, we now have a date for the diaries for those who prefer the condensed version of the Sports Interactive title.

Tuesday, December 1 is the date to mark down.

Head here to find out more about the news.

FM21 Mobile Pre-Orders Live

This will be music to the ears of you who like to get on FM on the go!


Pre-orders for the mobile edition of the football management sim are now live, you can pre-order for iOS via the App Store or head over to the Android market to pre-register ahead of its release.

The mobile edition of FM21 will be released on November 24th alongside the full edition of the title.

Football Manager 2021 release date

Sports Interactive have given us the official Football Manager 2021 release date - 24 November!

fm20 tactics gegenpress 5 2 1 2
TACTICAL EXPERIMENTATION: Who hasn't played around with new ideas

With Football Manager 20 being offered for free in the Epic Games store, this is a great time to step up your football acumen to push the tables in this year's game!



FM21 beta release date

The Football Manager beta usually arrives two or three weeks before the release date. This year it's a little different.

Rather than a beta, SI is calling it Early Access.

They have also said that it will start "roughly two weeks before release". That means we are looking at a date around 10 November.

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Your save will be transferable to the full game once it is released, so you won't have to worry about starting again once the actual release date arrives.

New features

Sports Interactive always tries to throw new features into the game.


FM20 saw the introduction of the Club Vision, Code Of Conduct, and Tactical Insights.

WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO: Well the Club Vision tells you exactly
WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO: Well the Club Vision tells you exactly

A lot of these were small tweaks to help accessibility for new players or streamline some processes that had been frustrating the experienced managers.

What will we get this year?

The SI statement says that there will be "exceptionally strong feature sets", which is quite the promise.

"I firmly believe you’ll all appreciate the improvements and new features this year" said SI's studio director Miles Jacobson. It sounds like FM21 will be a step ahead of even this year's incredible game!

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