Football Manager 2023 PlayStation: EVERYTHING you need to know with BRAND NEW features announced

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Football Manager 2023 is coming to the PS5 for the first time ever, with a release date confirmed for this year's game.

With Football Manager on Xbox proving a huge success, FM will now feature on Sony consoles for the first time ever.

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Check below for everything you need to know about Football Manager 2023 on PlayStation.

Football Manager 2023 PlayStation

For the first time in history, Football Manager will be made available to play on the PlayStation 5.

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HERE WE GO - FM23 will be playable on PS5

Of course, FM23 will be released on PC/Mac as well as Apple Arcade for the very first time too, with the Touch series returning to Apple devices after a year's absence.


In December 2020 we saw the arrival of the handheld version for iOS, Android and Nintendo Switch - as well as the full game returning to Xbox consoles for the first time since 2007.

PC players dominate the FM landscape, with the game once again set to be available to play on Apple Mac as well.

FM23 PS5 Release Date

Football Manager 2023 finally has received an official release date, with the game arriving sooner than some may think...

Tuesday, 8 November is the time to mark in your calendars, with the game arriving on the PS5 for the very first time.

Sports Interactive kept the announcements quiet following the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth 22, with further details set to be announced in the game weeks.

We do have one piece of major news, the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League and UEFA Europa Conference League will all feature in Football Manager 2023.


FM23 Xbox Price & Pre-order

Football Manager 2023 is available to pre-order now on PC, with no word yet on when it will be available to pre-order on the console.

Once again, we are expecting Football Manager 2023 Xbox Edition to be at the same price point as the full game (£45.00).

Football Manager 2023 New Features

Football Manager 2022 brought us a host of brand new features, and we will see a host of exciting new features arriving in FM23.Squad Planner

The Squad Planner will allow players to rank members of their squad to help visualize strengths and weaknesses, but it also includes players on your shortlist.

FM 23 squad planner
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This offers a new resource where players can plan the immediate future of their club across short-term recruitment as well as current lineups.

New Agent Interactions

Agents have an important role in recruitment, at times helping you capture that needed star and other times being the sole barrier to them.

fm 23 agent options recruitment features
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In FM 23, agents will have some new interaction options to better flesh out the recruitment process.

For instance, this year, when asking an agent about their represented players, there will be an option to further negotiate that salary demands are simply out of range for the club. This, among other new options, will let players push back on agent demands and give the process more of a push-and-pull feeling.


AI Managers

Sports Interactive spent "the majority of the cycle" this year working on AI managers. This was accomplished via 1000 scouts analyzing the data points around managers worldwide.

With this data and plenty of simulations to build on it, the team has looked to better match how managers approach the game for AI squads across tactics, instructions, and more.

Defensive Tactics and AI

It's no secret that the FM fanbase has gravitated toward high presses and fast-paced aggressive football to get the job done.

In FM23, new defensive tactical instructions seek to help remedy the gap between the styles.

FM 23 defensive tactics settings
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These new tactics include pressing trap preferences, cross-engagement preferences, and more.

Football Manager 2023 will also include better defensive AI for players, including more intelligent tackling angles and decisions to help defeat and adjust to pressing attackers.

Fan Influence

A club is nothing without its supporters, and in FM 23, supporters will have more of a say with some unique improvements.

FM 23 supporters feedback gameplay
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In FM 23, supporters will have more say over job security for managers and will have flexible levels of patience and passion around a manager's choices (whether tactical or recruitment related). They will also have new feedback fields so it's crystal clear the consensus at any given time.