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Football Manager 2023: Headline Features ANNOUNCED for PS5 and Xbox

Football Manager 2023 Xbox - PS5

Football Manager 2023 is almost here, with headline features now announced for the console versions of the game.

FM23 will arrive on PS5 for the first time ever this year, and now we know just what exactly will feature in this game.

Additions have also been made for Xbox, with FM set to reach higher and wider than ever before.

FM23 Console Features Announced

Sports Interactive has been working hard to implement its insights gained through professional input to make FM23 on console the best it has ever been.

Recruitment and tactics have been overhauled majorly, with new features set to make the matchday experience better than ever before.


Matchdays now have a more "hands-on" feel on FM23 console.

A refined user interface and a remodelled Touchline Tablet allow you to easily understand the data and insights from a match.

These new additions have been combined with controller functionality and focus improvements, providing a more active match experience.

The in-game tactical options have also been altered, implementing the new Out of Possession Tactical Instructions showcased in FM's headline features.

Team talks will also be implemented into FM23 console for the very first time, allowing you to feedback to your players at both half-time and full-time.


Brand new recruitment focuses have been brought to the console version of Football Manager 2023.

With squad building an essential part of the game, changes have been made to make scouting and recruiting more straightforward.

Like on PC, you can set specific assignments for your scouts according to your squad's needs, creating a tailored list that makes it easier for you to find your next superstar.

Dynamic Manager Timeline

The arrival of the Dynamic Manager Timeline enables you to easily track the highs and lows of your career in Football Manager 2023.

The timeline will showcase milestones and achievements you record

Based on an Events system that tracks all the highs and lows of your career, the timeline will offer a snapshot of your most notable moments, from title wins to giving academy players their debuts, in chronological order

Football Manager 2023 dynamic manager xbox ps5
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ON YOUR WAY - The Dynamic Timeline captures the best (and worst!) of your career

This timeline will update consistently throughout your career, reminding you of some of those special moments you may have otherwise forgotten.

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