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Football Manager 2023 Console

Football Manager 2023 Console

Football Manager 2023 on PS5 has been long awaited, with the game receiving a hefty delay just days before the full launch.

With FM being present on Xbox for some time, PlayStation players have been left to wait, but has it all been worth it?

Check below for our full review of Football Manager 2023 on the PS5.

Football Manager 2023 PS5 Review

Football Manager 2023 enters a sphere of gaming that is lacking clear competition.

FIFA has been the dominant force in the console football gaming circuit for some time, with games like eFootball yet to live up to their early promise.

Football Manager 2023 PS5
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STYLE IT OUT - Manager Customisation is alive and well in FM23

With that in mind, Sports Interactive was tasked with the difficult balance of delivering a game that was both in-depth and immersive, whilst also increasing the speed and stripping away some of the fluff.

The result is FM23 on PS5, a game that delivers many aspects of the football management simulation that we all know and love but may feel like a slightly empty vessel to those used to the full experience on PC.

What Football Manager 2023 on PS5 does deliver is a lot of promise, with certain elements seamlessly transitioning from PC to console and offering players a much-needed change of pace from EA's console dominator.

Quick off the blocks

There's no doubt that Football Manager on PS5 feels quick.

The power of the machine and the stripping pack of certain features makes cycling through a calendar week feel like a 30-second task.

As PC players will know, the full FM experience can often be one of great time consumption, but this offering on console showcases the full power of the PS5.

If a multi-hour slog on the PC isn't for you, then the PS5 offering provides an experience that is both immersive and snappy, never allowing the save to feel boring or overblown.

One of the main frustrations we had when trying out Football Manager 2023 on PS5 was the navigation of the menus.

With different uses for analogue sticks and the D-pad, navigating the menus certainly takes some getting used to.

Football Manager 2023 PS5 Data Hub
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DATA FIRST - FM23's Data Hub helps you make informed decision for regarding your squad

The usual slide and click of the PC mouse is sorely missed when you accidentally hit the wrong button and move away from where you want to be.

Of course, this is far from a deal breaker when it comes to Football Manager 2023 on PS5, but it has created some frustrating scenarios.

Taking the time to map out your controller is certainly a must, with different menu sections often becoming hard to find and navigate.

Stripping it Back

FM23 on PS5 does an amazing job of providing a stripped-back management simulation without the slog involved in the PC edition.

Every feature in the game flows smoothly and includes all the basic detail that allows you to further your management experience.

Whilst some depth is missing compared to the PC edition, FM23 on PS5 shines in its complex simplicity.

That may sound like a deliberate oxymoron, but the immersion provided allows FM to strike that perfect balance between immersion and overwhelming.

For instance, whilst the Data Hub may not include all the bells and whistles, it still offers the fundamental elements that allow you to make the same informed decision for your squad.

Compromising doesn't always have to affect the overall quality, and Sports Interactive bring it all to the fore with this first-ever instalment on PS5.

The Great Graphics Debate

As mentioned in our full review of Football Manager 2023, There is plenty debating the merits of Football Manager's somewhat underwhelming graphics.

On PC, this can be overlooked due to the sheer volume of content included in the game, but on console, we can't deny that the graphics do look a little tired.

Football Manager 2023 Match Graphics
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NOTHING FLASHY - The FM23 graphics are sure to split the crowd

There is - as ever - a balance to be struck, and whilst Football Manager 2023 does attempt to make subtle changes to its matchday experience, it does sometimes feel like the games are an interference to the rest of the simulation.

With all that in mind, we can confirm that the overall AI has seen vast improvements and the speed of games is refreshing.

Making tactical tweaks can prove a little difficult as our menu navigation frustrations highlight, but overall the gameplay provided is a breath of fresh air and still gives us hope that FM can launch a full assault on the EA Sports/FIFA crown in the coming years.


For a full debut on PS5, Football Manager 2023 truly shines.

Bringing the management simulator to PlayStation has been highly demanded and much-wanted and this debut has proven its well worth the wait.

A high-quality experience that only compromises where 100% necessary, the game feels fresh and exciting whilst continuing to provide the blast of nostalgia and immersion that only Football Manager can.

Football Manager 2023
A debut to remember for Football Manager, as the first outing on PlayStation proves a hit, with plenty of room to improve for the future.
Football Manager 2023
8 out of 10

We reviewed Football Manager 2023 on PS5 with a code provided by the developer.

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