Football Manager 2021 Gameplay Reveal Stream: Features, First Look, Developer Insights & more

Sports Interactive have given us an amazing stream for our first look at Football Manager 2021 gameplay.

The stream has revealed new FM 21 features, and given us developer insights behind the changes.

Let's dive right in to what we learned from the first look stream.

Football Manager 2021 Gameplay

FM 21 gameplay is looking crisp, and Sports Interactive have put it on display with more than an hour of gameplay footage streamed with commentary on Twitch!

Football Manager 21 FM 21 New Features Gameplay
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CRISP: New FM 21 graphics look great in-game!

This stream has given insight into some defining FM 21 features like gestures, match condition, match sharpness, injuries, conferences, and more.

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Let's dive right into what we saw over the course of the first look stream.


The FM 21 Beta is a hot topic among players. The first look stream touched on the progress of the beta, and while we don't have a date, we have an idea.

According to the developers, we'll see the Football Manager 2021 beta around two weeks before launch!


During the Football Manager 21 first look stream, the developers gave great insight into the new gestures system.

FM 21 features new gestures dialogue
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EXPRESSIVE: Gestures let managers express much more in FM 21

There will be more than 30 gestures in FM 21, and for critics saying its merely replacing tones, there were just 6 tones to choose from previously.

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These gestures range from throwing a bottle to shaking your head, and can give a huge range to your interactions.

Match Condition and Fatigue

Player condition will be shaken up immensely in Football Manager 21, as well as match sharpness.

These new changes start with a brand new tooltip.

Football Manager 21 Fatigue
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MONITOR: FM 21 gives managers more options when watching players for their condition and fatigue

Instead of an exact percentage of sharpness and condition, these systems have become descriptive. Managers will have to read between the lines of readings like "Excellent" and "Great" to assess players' levels.

There is also a brand new feature introduced to player condition, fatigue.

Fatigue levels will give managers another variable to consider when choosing to keep a player on the pitch.

Press Conferences

Football Manager 2021 adds a ton of new features to press conferences.

Football Manager 2021 Press Conference
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MAKE A STATEMENT: Press conferences offer some unique challenges in FM 21

These new features include new menus, new options, and more. For instance, a new button has been added to cordially end a press conference rather than storm out.

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As well, you can use your gestures to express a whole new range of messages.

Monthly Reports

There will be some brand new stats and monthly reports in Football Manager 2021 that give managers tons of new data to work with.

This includes a graph that compares your squad against others in your league on a variety of stats, including things like goalkeeping efficiency.


FM 21 has a nice new feature that diehard fans will notice.

Animations in-between the half, and on the sidelines will now differ depending on the stadium and pitch quality.

COVID-19 and Crowds

While Football Manager strives to represent the reality of the game and current events, a new decision is in for COVID-19.

fm20 crowd min
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BACK TO NORMAL: FM 21 will feature a return to form with crowds despite COVID-19

Originally, Football Manager 2021 was set to represent the current situation where COVID-19 has prevented crowds.

Since, however, the developer's have decided to vary this approach. While the game will represent events like Brexit, it won't represent COVID-19's impact on crowds.

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This was expanded on during the stream, where developers elaborated that seeing no crowds could be a trigger for people. This could prevent players looking to escape the lockdown and COVID-19 situation by playing Football Manager 2021 from properly getting into the game.

As a result, crowds will be in Football Manager 2021.

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