Football Manager 2021 Beta: Release Date Nearing, Early Access Confirmed & more

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It's that time of year again, get ready for Football Manager 2021!

The full release of the FM 21 is less than a month away but we have yet to see a Beta, but that looks set to change soon.

Here is what we know.

Latest News - Beta release targeted 'in coming days'

We've been treated to a first look at Football Manager 2021, and it's good news for those itching to get into the Beta.

Miles Jacobson has confirmed that the game is currently in its late Alpha stage, but that he is hoping for the Beta to be released "in the coming days" to get more people involved.

Football Manager 2021 Beta

The news about FM21 didn't contain a single mention of a beta, however...

SI has confirmed there will be Early Access!


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Is this just another name for the beta? Maybe, but early access implies getting access to a finished product. So we may still get a beta too.

Football Manager 2021 Release Date & Early Access

FM21 comes to PC & Mac on 24 November.

As ever, you can pre-purchase via Steam, but this year it will be on Epic Games Store too.

FM21 art
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RISE TO GLORY: Take your team all the way to the top

If you do pre-purchase, you get a 10% discount and Early Access!

That should roughly be two weeks ahead of full release, so on 10 November. However that two weeks is a rough window at the moment and it could move.

New features

Nothing has been revealed yet, but the annoucement promised that "We’ll be unveiling features and licensing updates from early October".

After the amazing FM20 we are excited to see what SI has up their sleeve for this year!

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