Who is the slowest player in FIFA 23?

The official ratings for fifa 23 are yet to be released, but there are some strong contenders for slowest player in the game this year.

Pace is such a crucial asset in any FIFA title, so you will need to be a true master of the game to win with these players in your side.

Snail's pace

We believe that comparing outfield players to goalkeepers is unfair, so instead, we are going to honourably mention the two slowest shot-stoppers in the game.

Adelaide United's teenage goalie Ethan Cox shares the crown of slowest player in the game with German keeper Kevin Broll.

Both men have been awarded a meagre 15 Pace, split evenly between Acceleration and Sprint Speed.

Neither players have the excuse of age to come to the rescue, so come on guys, get on the athletics track and prove EA wrong!

Cult Hero

Remember the name, Kazuyoshi Miura. At 54 years old, the Japanese legend is by far the oldest current player in FIFA 22.

With 20 Acceleration and 24 Sprint Speed, Miura's 22 Pace trumps any of his rivals following the latest squad update.

In Ultimate Team, Bolivian centre-back Ronny Montero takes the crown as slowest player, boasting just 28 Pace in FUT 22.

Leicester's giant Danish centre-back Jannik Vestergaard is the slowest player in the Premier League according to EA having been awarded just 32 Pace.

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