When is FIFA 24 coming out?

FIFA 24 Zidane

FIFA 24 Zidane

With confusion rife over the future of the football landscape, many fans are wondering whether FIFA 24 will be coming out and if it actually exists at all.

Fans of the beloved franchise are seeking answers and we're here to help.

A new era begins in 2023, with FIFA set to be left behind, so let's take a look at everything we know about the release of FIFA 24 so far.

Find out when you can expect FIFA 24 to be released below.

When is FIFA 24 coming out?

First of all, it's important to note that FIFA as we know it will not be called FIFA anymore.

Following the well-documented split between EA and FIFA, FIFA will now be known as 'EA Sports FC'.

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NEW ERA - EA Sports FC is taking over

FIFA themselves are still looking for a developer for their new game, 'FIFA 24', but predicting a release date for this is nigh impossible, and the name will unlikely carry the 24 tag.

In fact, FIFA could completely rebrand their gaming division in the future, but they certainly look set to compete with EA when the time is right.

We expect to see an EA Sports FC release date of around Friday, 29 September 2023, in keeping with the FIFA titles that have gone before.


FIFA 24 will be the next instalment of the football franchise, developed by FIFA itself.

The game that many of us know simply as FIFA has been created by EA Sports throughout the years, and is being rebranded after the split between the companies, as EA Sports FC.

FIFA 24 Alex Hunter
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MAJOR MOVES - Alex Hunter could return in FIFA 24

It will effectively carry on the progress from the previous 30 years of the franchise, but under a different name, so those that love the FIFA experience will now be looking towards EA Sports FC.

This does mean FIFA 24 and EA Sports FC will be competing for supremacy, which could see some brilliant new ideas and innovations brought into each title in order to draw the football gaming audience to their game.

EA Sports FC

We've been waiting for more official information regarding the upcoming football title being developed by EA Sports to come out and the first big news is here!

Ever since the split from FIFA was announced, we knew that EA would be developing its own game separately, with the brand being rolled out through hundreds of matches across the biggest leagues in the world.

ea sports fc logo
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JOIN THE CLUB - The new logo for EA Sports FC has been revealed

Taking design inspiration from the humble triangle, it is a dominant shape in football culture that represents the sport in multiple dimensions, from passing techniques to set plays. .

You can find more details at easports.com/fc to learn about the future of the football franchise.

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