Here's how Online Career Mode could work in FIFA 22

Amongst lots of speculation surrounding EA's next title, we're taking a look at what Online Career Mode will look like in FIFA 22.

What is Online Career Mode in FIFA 22?

There is serious talk that an Online Career Mode could be coming to FIFA 22.

We can only speculate on how an online Career Mode will work.

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FIERCE - Competition would be high in a PvP style Career Mode

Will it be a PvP style mode where various teams in the league are controlled by other FIFA players?

This seems a bit of a stretch, and we think it could be a more social mode to allow you and your friends to play together.

We also believe that there is a chance that the Online Career Mode is in the works for FIFA 23 or even a later game in the franchise.

Either way, we can't wait to see what EA has up its sleeve.

When is FIFA 22 coming out?

FIFA 22 is still months away from release, so we do not have an official release date just yet.

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FANTASTIC FRANCE: Will France retain the World Cup title in 2022?

FIFA 21 was slightly delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic, but this should not impact this year’s release date.

Judging by previous editions of the game, we are expecting FIFA 22 to be released in late September, potentially Friday, 24 September.

Unlike FIFA 21, we expect a demo to be released beforehand giving us a first taste of the new game.

Is there a FIFA 22 Demo?

We fully expect to see a FIFA 22 Demo, despite the heartbreak of last year's cancellation.

This year things should be back to normal, with a limited game featuring some of EA's partner clubs.

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CRYSTAL CLEAR - The graphics for Next Gen looks insane

The game modes will be limited like always, but it should still be our first chance to get a feel for the new game.

The Demo should be available on all platforms too, so get ready for PS5 and Xbox Series X|S gameplay as well as the trusted PS4 and Xbox One.

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