A Look At Kalvin Phillips FUT History

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Kalvin Phillips is living the dream. He's the first name on the team sheet for his boyhood club, Leeds United, and a featured player for England in the midst of a major tournament.

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Has he always been touted for success? We're going to take a look at his history of FUT cards to see what they say about the throwback midfielder.


Kalvin Phillips FIFA 17 FUT Card

Kalvin Phillips did feature in FIFA 16 as a bronze card, rated just 61. Bare in mind he would have been only 19 and he wasn't as highly touted as a teenage like, say, Phil Foden.

We're going to pick things up at FIFA 17 where Phillips was upgraded to a silver card and rated 65.

Kalvin Phillips fut 17
K. Phillips FIFA 17 Base

Phillips did receive a Team of the Week card during the season and received a much prettier 70 rating. I don't know about you, but I love the TOTW cards in silver!

kalvin phillips team of the week fifa 17
K.Phillips TOTW Card

Kalvin Phillips FIFA 18 FUT Card

Kalvin Phillips received a small boost to his overall rating for FUT 18, coming in a 67. Its always a struggle for EFL players to make waves with their FUT cards. Usually they need to gain promotion or a big move to the Premier League.

kalvin phillips fut 18 base card
K.Phillips FUT 18 Card

Phillips was really starting to develop as a player, but was still a well kept secret for Leeds fans.

Kalvin Phillips FIFA 19 FUT Card

It was in FUT 19 that Kalvin Phillips had his base card moved into the rare category. He received another small stat boost taking him to an overall rating of 71. There was no recognition for him as a TOTW player this year.

kalvin phillips FUT 19 base card
K.Phillips FUT 19 Card

Kalvin Phillips FIFA 20 FUT Cards

This is easily Kalvin Phillips best season for FUT cards. It's no surprise that in a season where Leeds made the leap back to the Premier League, he was right there at the heart of the team. First we have his base card. He would make his biggest rating leap up to 75 and is now a gold rare card.

kalvin phillips fut 20 base card
K.Phillips FUT 20 Base

Phillips then received his first SBC item, part of the Championship league SBC event. His rating was boosted to a very respectable 84 for the card.

kalvin phillips fut 20 sbc
K.Phillips FUT 20 SBC

Finally, for all his incredible work, Kalvin Phillips was rewarded with a Team Of The Season So Far card. This was a huge 92 rated card that not only reflected the player closest to his actual ability, but finally gave him the pace to make him a viable choice among that meta.

kalvin phillips team of the season so far fut 20
K.Phillips FUT 20 TOTSSF

Kalvin Phillips FIFA 21 FUT Card

It's unfortunately a slight step back in card rarity for Phillips as he became a common card again. He did receive a small rating boost to 76 though. The boost came through small improvements to his defensive and passing stats.


Where do you think the Leeds star will be rated in FIFA 22 FUT? Safe to say he may not be in the 70's rating bracket much longer!