Updated international squads released for Euro 2020

Euro 2020 is already heating up in the group stage, and FIFA 21 is celebrating by releasing newly updated international squads.

The updated FIFA 21 squads will see former rivals come together in the name of country unity as different nations battle it out in the UEFA Euro 2020 Championship.

Here's everything we know about this new release in FIFA 21.

FIFA 21 releases updated international squads for Euro 2020

With the UEFA Euro 2020 Championship already starting to heat up, FIFA 21 refused to miss out on the action this time around.

The in-game update to rosters with new international squads was revealed on 11 June via their official EA Sports FIFA Instagram account.

While FIFA 21 may not have the licensing to officially call it a Euro 2020 update, it's clear that's what this release was for.

Meanwhile, Fortnite is getting the branding that FIFA 21 so yearns for with a new collaboration between UEFA and Epic Games.

UEFA Euro 2020 licence remains with PES & Konami

While it'll be fun for players to try out these updated international squad rosters in FIFA 21, the elephant in the room is the fact that they can't call it a Euro 2020 update.

Unfortunately for EA Sports and FIFA 21, the licence for UEFA Euro 2020 still belongs to PES 2021 and Konami.

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KONAMI HOLDS STRONG: PES 2022 looks to be packed with official licences

That should continue to ring true when PES 2022 releases, and they're building up an amazing plethora of licences including both clubs and events.

Konami has been on fire when it comes to shifting licences to PES 2021 and the upcoming PES 2022, managing to nab several exclusives.

While big gets for the PES series, these are also major blows to FIFA 21 and the eventual release of FIFA 22 as competition remains stiff between the premiere soccer gaming sims.

Festival of FUTball keeping Ultimate Team alive

While they aren't able to fully embrace the Euro 2020 spirit by name, FIFA 21 is still keeping things fresh in-game with a new Ultimate Team promo.

Festival of FUTball has just returned to FIFA 21, and things are already heating up with great squads getting released along with new challenges and objectives.

There's also a new Player Moments SBC which goes all the way back to the 2014 World Cup, and Mario Götze is up for grabs in honor of his game-winning extra time goal.

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