FUT 23 Player of the Week - World Cup Showdown gambles PAY OFF



It's time for another weekly round-up of the best players in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team over the past seven days!

We've seen the penultimate World Cup squad released with World Cup Phenoms coming, more WC Showdown SBCs and WC Icons Team 3 - as well as some Dynamic Duos items.

So, who do we think are the best cards of the lot? Read on to find out.

Honourable Mentions

Before we get to the top spots, there are some names that can't be left out this week!

WC Path to Glory Christopher Nkunku (OVR 92)

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For a player that didn't even make it to the World Cup, Christopher Nkunku has an incredible Path to Glory card.

He is out of most players' price range, so if you packed him good for you!

We thought now was a good time to highlight his card after the most recent upgrades PTG players gained.

For winning the Semi Final, cards were supposed to gain a 5* Skill Move upgrade, however, as Nkunku already possess that, he was given an additional +1 IF upgrade!

If France goes on to win the final another rating boost will be coming his way, making one of the best cards in the game even better!

WC Phenoms Thilo Kehrer (OVR 85)

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Don't let his 85 OVR rating fool you, Germany and West Ham's Thilo Kehrer has some incredible stats!

Give him an Anchor or Shadow and he has the attributes of a 91-rated CB - we'd suggest the Anchor so he also becomes Lengthy.

As he can also play at RB, his passing and dribbling stats are pretty great for a CB too, ideal if you like to play out from the back.

Lisandro Martinez's WC Phenoms card gained a lot of attention, but Kehrer has very similar stats, is taller, quicker, stronger, and can be yours for under 20,000 coins - nearly a fifth of the price of the Argentine!

WC Phenoms Dusan Vlahovic (OVR 88)

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Another man with better attributes than his rating suggests, the WC Phenoms Dusan Vlahovic card that can be yours via SBC has the base stats of a 90-rated ST.

That can be raised to those of a 93-rated ST with various chemistry styles, although giving him a Hawk would be our top choice.

If you like playing with a big man up top, this could be your guy, and his SBC will only set you back 65,000 coins.

3rd - WC Phenoms Matteo Guendouzi (OVR 86)

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For a few titles now, Matteo Guendouzi has been given an unreal special card in Ultimate Team with great stats all-round, and that is exactly what happened in the World Cup Phenoms promo.

It feels like he has been around for ages, but he is only 23, so we could be in for another title or two when he is recognised as one of the best youngsters around.

He once again joins the Gullit Gang with this version and his 66 Volleys is the only attribute lower than 70!

When his stats are comparable to Yaya Toure, Claudio Marchisio, Patrick Vieira and the aforementioned Ruud Gullit, picking him up for around 100,000 coins seems a steal!

2nd - WC Showdown Nayef Aguerd (OVR 86)

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The World Cup Showdown SBCs have chucked up a few top cards over the last few weeks and the one for (another) West Ham CB Nayef Aguerd could be very special.

If you give him the Sentinel chem style he gains the stats of a 93-rated CB, but you'd rather add a Shadow or Anchor, which makes him 92-rated in-game.

This is also before a possible +2 upgrade, which would make him insane!

With Premier League links and an SBC only costing around 27,000, you must add him to your club.

1st - WC Showdown Enzo Fernandez (OVR 88)

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Another WC Showdown SBC, if you missed out on Enzo Fernandez you will be regretting it now!

The Argentine secured the +2 upgrade to make an already tasty-looking card even better.

Another member of the Gullit Gang, he only has three stats in the 70s, with all others being 80+.

A real box-to-box player, you can make him into whatever sort of midfielder you need depending on what chem style you want to give him.

A powerhouse gives him the stats of a 93-rated CM, but a Shadow or even just leaving him on basic chem would be our top choices.

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