FIFA 24 FUT Heroes: Premier League Legend Leaked

fifa 24 fut heroes

fifa 24 fut heroes

FUT Heroes have become firm fan favourites within Ultimate Team, so we're taking a look at what to expect from them in FIFA 24.

EA and FIFA may be parting ways, but FUT Heroes have been so successful they are sure to feature again in FIFA 24 or the EA Sports title FC 24.

Find out all you need to know about FUT Heroes in FIFA 24 Ultimate Team below.

LATEST - Berbatov Leaked

A name floated around when new Heroes were announced in FIFA 23, Dimitar Berbatov looks to have finally been confirmed as a new Hero for EA Sports FC.

The first name to be leaked for EA Sports FC 24, Berbatov is a player that many fans have wanted to see in the game for some time.

Given his range of skills, the former Manchester United and Tottenham star will be desirable capture, with this Premier League powerhouse looking to light up the FIFA scene once again.

Of course, this card has only been leaked right now and nothing is official as of yet, but we're certainly hoping that the Bulgarian scoring machine shows up sooner rather than later.

FIFA 24 FUT Heroes

FUT Hero cards were new items in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team that introduced some retired fan favourite players to the game.

Initially, these were viewed by the FIFA community as one level below an Icon, however, with upgrades given throughout the season, some of the FUT Heroes have become better than many Icons.

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MASSIVE GAINS - The FUT Hero roster has expanded massively in FIFA 23

There were 19 FUT Hero cards released in FUT 22, with 22 new FUT Heroes coming in FUT 23, and we expect the roster to keep growing in FIFA 24 Ultimate Team!

All the FUT Heroes have a Base version, with some gaining boosted versions throughout the campaign during various promos.

Chemistry Explained

With the chemistry re-work introduced in FUT 23, FUT Heroes now work in a slightly different way than they did in FUT 22.

If they are played in the correct position they will always have full chemistry themselves.

Then, they will provide two chemistry points to any player that shares the same league as them, with the usual one point provided to cards that share the same nationality.

FUT Hero Card Types

Before FIFA 23 was released there were two confirmed card types for FUT Heroes, a Base version and a World Cup version.

We could see a similar thing happen in FIFA 24 Ultimate Team, but this time with a Euros version, with Euro 2024 taking place in June and July.

di natale fut hero shapeshifter
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SHAKING IT UP - FUT Hero players come during multiple promos throughout the campaign

On top of that, we expect to see more types coming in other promos, with upgraded versions released in the Shapeshifters and Fantasy FUT events in previous years.

New FUT Hero Predictions

Another group of FUT Heroes will no doubt be released into FIFA 24 Ultimate Team, expanding the roster to rival the Icon set.

With that in mind, here are some names we would love to see added in the upcoming title:

  • Dimitar Berbatov
  • Jamie Carragher
  • Edgar Davids
  • Vincent Kompany
  • Gary Neville
  • Francesco Totti

His low work rate often deceived just what a brilliant player Dimitar Berbatov was, but his technical skill is among the best we've ever seen, which could make for an interesting card!

One club men Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville have become favourites from their punditry work and it would be amazing to see them take to the field once again.

Playing for Milan, Juventus and Inter, Edgar Davids would definitely find a home as a Serie A FUT Hero, but really, we just want to see his iconic goggles in the game!

As the legendary leader of Manchester City as they built the club to where it is today, Vincent Kompany would be a great addition, with solid defensive stats.

A whole career spent at Roma cemented Francesco Totti as a club legend and he has numerous awards to back that up, he must be added to the list in FIFA 24 Ultimate Team!

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