FIFA 23: When will the City Ground be added?

Nottingham Forest FIFA 23

FIFA 23 has arrived, with this year's game receiving rapturous acclaim for the much-improved gameplay.

A number of new stadiums have also been added to this year's game, making FIFA 23 the most immersive instalment in the franchise to date.

That being said, one notable Premier League ground is missing from this year's game, with Nottingham Forest fans desperate to discover when their ground will be added to the game to Ultimate Team.

Check below for everything you need to know about when the City Ground will be added to FIFA 23.

LATEST - Ulitmate Team Omission

The City Ground may well have been added to FIFA 23, but it remains missing from Ultimate Team.

The City Ground was added into FIFA 23 on 1 December 2022, but the home of Nottingham Forest has since been missing from Ultiamte Team.

Whilst it does feature in many other modes, such as Career Mode and Kick Off, it's omission from FUT remains a source of confusion for many.

FIFA 23 Brennan Johnson
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NEW FACES - Nottingham Forest stars have been added to FIFA 23

Right now, there's no date for the stadium to be added to Ultimate Team and there's a good chance, as we progress further, that it won't be added at all.

We will update this page as soon as we know more

City Ground Arrives

Nottingham Forest's City Ground has been added to FIFA 23.

EA had previously said that the company was "committed to giving fans the chance to play in all 20 Premier League stadiums" and this has now finally been achieved.Te

You can head into FIFA 23 and take to the field with the Tricky Trees fanbase in full voice behind you, provided you have downloaded the latest update.

Enjoy competing against some of the very best teams in world football under the lights of the famous City Ground in Career Mode, Ultimate Team and Kick Off modes.

City Ground in FIFA 23

Nottingham Forest achieved promotion against all odds last season and will play in the Premier League for the first time in over 20 years.

Like many iconic clubs before them, this means that they will be saying goodbye to a generic FIFA stadium and welcoming their brand new home into this year's game.

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NEW STARS - Forest are looking to stay in the Premier League

The City Ground was added to FIFA 23 on December 1, making it the perfect start to December for Forst fans.

Brentford's Community Stadiums was added in late January during FIFA 22's cycle and it was a similar story for Elland Road a few years prior.

Forest fans won't have to wait any longer to see their iconic stadium feature in the game, and we dare say it will be very much worth the wait.

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