What is the 'Out of Position' promo in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team?

Ultimate Team fanatics have loved FIFA 23's first few promotional events.

The Road to the Knockouts (RTTK) campaign brought us some awesome dynamic items whilst the Rulebreakers event has introduced some crazy stat boosts to fan-favourite cards.

According to the relentless Ultimate Team leaker, @FutArcade on Twitter, the next promo in FUT 23 will be called 'Out Of Position'.

So, this has got the FIFA community wondering, what is this new promo actually all about? Well, we've got you covered.

Find out what the FUT 23 Out Of Position will entail below.

Brand New Promo Inbound

Unfortunately, we do not have any more concrete information on the promo other than its name.

But, we can make certain assumptions from the title itself.

The Out Of Position campaign could potentially work in a similar way to that of the Shapeshifters promo that we have seen in previous years.

The Shapeshifters promo saw EA hand a number of popular cards crazy position changes and peculiar stat boosts to match.

This type of event is extremely popular amongst the community as EA creates and releases FUT items into packs that nobody thought we would ever see.

Player Predictions

We have pretty much no idea who will be included in the promo that will not be based on player performances whatsoever, but we can provide you with an example of what one of the cards could look like.

Arsenal's William Saliba could be given a giant shooting boost and switched to a centre-forward on his Out of Position card.

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OUT OF THIS WORLD - Who could have seen this coming?

The influence of player archetypes will also come into play here, with big centre-halves potentially becoming overpowered Lengthy strikers.

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