FIFA 23 Ultimate Team: Simple feature could REVOLUTIONISE this year's game

FIFA 23 Raheem Sterling

FIFA 23 has landed, with this year's game receiving much acclaim for its gameplay improvements.

That doesn't mean to say that everything is perfect, with one element in particular still leaving Ultimate Team players frustrated.

Check below for everything you need to know about a potential new feature that could completely change the way we play FUT.

Ultimate Team Objectives

We've all been there.

You finish a game of Ultimate Team and find close to 6,000,000 notifications on your FUT homepage, showing you all the objectives you've completed in just one match.

FIFA 23 Objectives meme
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PAIN - We all know how this one feels

Whilst this can excite initially, the novelty soon wears off as you claim each award individually, skipping through the animations as quickly as possible.

This issue is especially pertinent at the start of the game, and there's a really simple way that EA can fix all of this community frustration, a 'Claim All' button.

'Claim All'

Instead of requiring you to go through and claim each objective individually, the 'Claim All' button would just allow you to claim all objectives at once and receive the rewards instantly.

In the case of some objectives where you have to choose rewards, these can be left out of the 'Claim All' in order to avoid frustration.

EA has made it clear on numerous occasions that fast gameplay is appealing and exciting and nothing grinds FIFA 23 to a halt more than the endless swaths of objectives you have to claim.

This could also extend to packs, with an 'Open All' button able to instantly show you the accumulative awards for things like stadium features and other vanity items.

Ultimate Team has come a long way since its inception, but once again it's the smaller details and fine margins that can go a long way.

The FIFA community have been calling for this feature for years, and we think it's time EA finally act and gives the people what they want.

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