FIFA 23 Ultimate Team: Leaks suggest MAJOR changes are coming to player positions

Brand new leaks and rumours have been spilling out regarding FIFA 23, with our first look at this year's game not far away.

We've already seen news regarding icons and licenses, but now it's the turn of new Ultimate Team features.

Check below for everything we know about the latest Ultimate Team leak.

Alternative Positions LEAKED

A feature that fans have been desperate to have for years looks to be finally arriving in FIFA 23.

Prolific leakers FUTSheriff and DonkTrading have both taken to Twitter to reveal a brand new feature arriving in Ultimate Team.

Whilst the big news may seem like the removal of position modifiers, it's the primary and secondary position element that promises to be a game-changer.

Players will now have primary and secondary positions assigned to their cards, meaning you will no longer have to shuffle around your squad to the detriment of chemistry.

Expensive position modifier cards are also gone, meaning the days of seeing strikers playing in central midfield are finally over.

This change is sure to be popular amongst FUT players, with primary and secondary positions being something spoken about in the FUT community for years.

How will it work?

According to the leakers, most players in FIFA 23 will possess primary and secondary positions.

For example, Ronaldinho's Icon card in FIFA 22 was limited to being a left-winger, with movement only permitted according to the position modifier cards available.

In FIFA 23, that same Ronaldinho card will now be able to come inside and operate as a CAM as well as LW without compromising your team's chemistry.

Whilst the fine details are yet to be revealed, the leaking of this brand new feature would indicate that chemistry is changing in Ultimate Team, with leaks already circling of a brand chemistry system set to arrive in FUT 23.

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