FIFA 23 - Mysterious TOTY '10 Coins Pack' set to hit FUT IMMINENTLY

FIFA 23's Team of the Year (TOTY) camapign is taking over Ultimate Team.

As usual, during the promotional event, EA will be offering special Team of the Year-based packs via the FUT Store and also the SBC menus.

This will give players the best possible chance at packing a coveted TOTY card.

The TOTY leaks are coming thick and fast and it looks like some innovative packs are set to hit FIFA 23 soon...

TOTY 10 Coin Pack

As reported by various sources, a 'TOTY 10 Coin Pack' is set to be added to Ultimate Team during the Team of the Year promotional campaign.

The TOTY 10 Coin Pack will no doubt be made available via the FUT Store and not as an SBC.

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THE GOAT - Lionel leads the FIFA 23 TOTY XI

Now, could this be some sort of guaranteed TOTY / TOTY Honourable mentions pack? Although we'd love it to be, we think not.

This will likely be similar to that of the 'Black Friday 10 Coin Pack', which contained the following items:

  • Three Rare Gold Players.
  • 1x FIFA World Cup Player Pick (one of two).

More TOTY packs inbound

According to @DonkTrading, the following packs will also be introduced to Ultimate Team in the coming days:

  • 88+ Mid/Prime or WC icon
  • x30 Attacker Pack
  • x30 Midfielder Pack
  • TOTY 10 coins pack
  • Honourable Mentions pack

We expect the x30 Attackers Pack and x30 Midfielders Pack to arrive via SBC.

You will definitely want to save these for when those specific TOTY categories are in packs!

We have already seen EA add 83+ x3 Attackers, Midfielders and Defenders Upgrades to the Squad Building Challenge Menus, priced at around 20,000 coins (PS & Xbox).

So, you can expect the larger upgrade packs to set you back around 50,000 coins.

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