FIFA 23 Full TOTY Release Schedule - TOTY Icons, 12th Man, Honourable Mentions & more

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The entire FIFA 23 Team of the Year (TOTY) XI is out right now!

There's still some confusion around when the TOTY Icons, Honourable Mentions and 12th Man are actually in packs, though.

So, check out the full TOTY release schedule for FUT 23 below.

TOTY Release Schedule

The full Team of the Year XI including the 12th Man is now in packs.

TOTY Honourable Mentions cards are also in packs for a limited time only.

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CREAM OF THE CROP - FIFA 23's TOTY squad is absolutely INSANE

The full TOTY release schedule is as follows:

  • Attackers - Friday, 20 January
  • Midfielders - Sunday, 22 January
  • Defenders & Goalkeeper - Tuesday, 24 January
  • Entire TOTY XI - Thursday, 26 January
  • 12th Man & TOTY Honourable Mentions - Friday, 27 January

TOTY Icon items were made available in packs for the second time on Sunday, 29 January.

Every single TOTY release will take place at the usual time of 1pm ET / 6pm GMT.

What is TOTY?

It might be difficult to decode some of EA Sports' peculiar names for promotional events and squads, like FUT 22's 'Versus Ice' campaign, but with the TOTY it couldn't be simpler.

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THE GOAT - CR7 was voted into the FUT 22 TOTY as the 12th man

The Team of the Year squad is made up of the best eleven players of the calendar year 2022, as voted for by the FIFA community.

FIFA 23's TOTY squad will consist of a starting XI and a 12th man, as voted for by FIFA players once again.

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