Title Update #2 now LIVE with FIFA 23's most annoying feature REMOVED

The second FIFA 23 Title Update has now gone live over all platforms, bringing us certain Ultimate Team, Career Mode, Pro Clubs, VOLTA and gameplay adjustments.

EA seems to have rolled out plenty of changes in Title Update #2, including several bug fixes in Career Mode and Ultimate Team.

It's important to take note of these gameplay changes as they can significantly impact your success on the field.

Check out all the adjustments coming to EA's new game in Title Update #2 below.

Latest - Title Update #2 Full Rollout

Title Update #2 had already gone live on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PC and Stadia versions of FIFA 23 on Wednesday, 12 October, but that didn't include previous-gen consoles.

The FIFA Direct Communication Twitter account has now announced that the update is live on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, happening on Monday, 17 October.

Gameplay Changes

Title Update #2 brings the following gameplay adjustments:

  • Chipped penalty shots can only be performed towards the middle third section of the goal.
  • Adjusted chipped penalty shot ball trajectories to be less lofted overall.
  • Improved the likelihood of Standing Tackles winning the ball back.
  • Increased the ball velocity for all Ground Passes.
  • Increased accuracy of Chip Shots.

This update could swing the meta towards using Chip Shots in Ultimate Team, with the accuracy increased.

EA also addressed plenty of gameplay issues which can be found along with the full patch notes here.

Ultimate Team

The following changes have come to FUT 23 as part of Title Update #2:

  • Added a Chemistry indicator appearing on Player Items when previewing a swap between out of position Player Items.
  • Removed pack opening animations when redeeming Stadium Items from Objectives, Division Rivals, Squad Battles, and FUT Champions rewards.
  • Removed several screens that would appear before playing individual FUT Moments.
  • A Player Item’s Secondary Positions are now visible in the top left part of the screen when using the Actions radial menu.

The BIG news here is that EA has removed quite possibly the most annoying feature in the entire game - TIFO walkout animations.

So, next time you go to unlock a Tifo from your Objectives, you won't need to sit there and wait three days for the animation to conclude.

EA has also made certain bug fixes in FUT 23, including one previously frustrating issue.

The in-game scoreboard will now always display correctly in Squad Battles.

Career Mode

EA hasn't made any wholesale changes to Career Mode, but fans of the beloved game mode will be glad to see the following issues addressed:

  • The in-game scoreboard displayed incorrectly during Playable Highlights.
  • In some cases, post-match interviews could contain questions not relevant to the situation.

Again, the scoreboard displaying the correct score will be a welcome change.

It remains to be seen whether the post-match interview questions will actually make sense in Career Mode going forward, but let's hope EA has been successful in its efforts.

Title Update #2 also brought several bug fixes to VOLTA and Pro Clubs that you can check out here.

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