FIFA 23: Report suggests first look at the game is arriving VERY SOON

FIFA 23 isn't far away, and a recent report has indicated that our first look at the brand new game is just around the corner.

We were expecting our first look at the game to arrive at Summer Game Fest 2022, but that rumour turned out to be false.

Now, a new date has been rumoured, with a potential reveal just around the corner.

FIFA 23 First Look Coming Soon?

Tom Henderson has revealed - via exputer - that EA are set to reveal a number of games in July, including FIFA 23.

The report claims that games such as Skate 4, Need for Speed and FIFA 23 will all be revealed in July, with the latter two set for reveal in the second half of the month.

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EA has already stated that games will be revealed "when they are ready" and with FIFA 23 going through Alpha testing, it's not surprising that our first look at the game is just around the corner.

What Could We See?

With FIFA 23 almost certainly set to be revealed in the next month or so, we can start to take a look at what we could see in the initial reveal.

A Reveal Trailer is the most likely, with EA usually leading with a cinematic trailer depicting some of the new tech used in the game.

It's also very likely that we'll see a Cover Star, opening the door to pre-orders for FIFA 23.

Gameplay and new features are unlikely to be shown, with EA usually saving these reveals for further down the line.

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