FIFA 23 - Overpowered passing technique NERFED in latest Title Update #5

The 2022 World Cup will be the centre of attention in FIFA 23 for the foreseeable future, with daily promotional event content dropping in Ultimate Team on a daily basis.

In and amongst all the action, EA has dropped FIFA 23's Title Update #5.

Title Update #5 brings us plenty of bug fixes and adjustments across Ultimate Team, Career Mode, VOLTA Football and Pro Clubs.

Alongside these adjustments, EA has made a couple of gameplay changes that could significantly influence the effectiveness of one overpowered in-game mechanic.

Meta no more

The over-the-top through ball has been one of the most effective ways of getting beyond your opponent's defensive line for a long time now.

This lofted-through ball mechanic has been abused and manipulated in different ways to exploit certain kinks within the game throughout the years.

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BIG GAME PLAYER - You can always rely upon Messi to produce

We all remember the famous kick-off glitch from a few titles ago where you could send one long lofted-through pass straight to your striker's feet in the attacking box.

This year, FIFA players even discovered a way of creating a 1v1 scenario from their own goal kicks with just a couple of simple steps involving a long over-the-top through ball.

However, it seems EA is beginning to address the overpowered nature of the lobbed-through ball by nerfing it in the latest Title Update...

Lofted through balls NERFED

The Title Update #5 Patch Notes involved the following gameplay changes:

  • Decreased the accuracy of Driven Lobbed Through Passes aimed away from where the passer is facing.
  • Lowered the ball trajectory height of Driven Lobbed Through Passes.
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PASS MASTER - KDB can still ping a cross-field pass with pin-point accuracy

So, making an outrageous over-the-top through pass will o longer be so easy in FIFA 23.

This is another step towards total realism within FIFA, given that in the past you'd find average cards pulling off incredible long-range passes with ease.

However, in reality, only the very best creators in world football would be able to execute such difficult long-range passes with accuracy.

You are still able to hit accurate long balls but now you need to find the right player and the right scenario to execute them effectively.

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