How to score from your OWN goal kick every time in FIFA 23

Each year there seem to be some incredibly overpowered methods for creating goal-scoring opportunities from set pieces and FIFA 23 is no different.

In FIFA 22, the back post corner routine became a staple in everybody's game until EA decided to patch the game-breaking technique.

This year, the FIFA community has discovered an insane method for creating a 1v1 scenario from your OWN goal kick.

Yep, you heard that right - you can go from your own penalty box to your opponents in a matter of seconds and with just two passes.

Score in Seconds

As seems to be the pattern with these broken set-piece routines, the goal-kick method is extremely simple to carry out.

To score from your own goal kick, all you need to do is follow these steps:

  • Call your centre-backs short from the goal kick.
  • Check your mini-map to see which side the opponent full-back has advanced and pass the ball to your corresponding centre-back.
  • Take one touch out of the centre-back's feet, then play a driven lofted through ball to your winger (by pressing L1/LB + R1/RB + Triangle/Y).

The ball should hopefully land at the winger's feet in behind the full-back, allowing you to get straight in on goal.

At this point, it's all down to you. You have the option to pass to your striker or go it alone with the wide attacker and finish in style.

Master the Art

It's important to note that in order for this method to be successful, you'll need to make a couple of tactical adjustments to your team.

Firstly, you need to make sure your centre-backs have a high passing statistic. The better the passer, the higher the success rate of the routine.

The most important tactical point lies with your depth. You'll need to have your depth set to a minimum of 60 in order to get your attackers up the pitch.

A specific formation is not integral to the success of the method, but you will definitely need wide attackers or wingers.

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META MADNESS - Neymar is the perfect wide attacking midfielder in FIFA 23

The 4-2-3-1 narrow variation is an effective formation to carry out the goal kick routine, hitting the left-attacking midfielder (LAM) or right-attacking midfielder (RAM) with the long pass.

The attacking settings can be left on default.

As all top FIFA 23 Weekend League players will know, setting your camera to Default Tele Broadcast will give you a greater perspective of the game.

This camera angle allows you to see where the space is on the pitch and who is available for the direct long pass from the centre-back.

So, take these points, try this method out in Ultimate Team and run riot!

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