FIFA 23 OTW: How do Ones to Watch upgrades work Ultimate Team?

Ultimate Team fanatics are getting stuck into the game mode now, with the Web App having gone live ahead of the full launch of the game.

As ever, the Ones to Watch (OTW) promo will be the first many in FUT 23.

Players that are handed OTW cards in FIFA 23 are selected from the top transfers from the summer window.

These cards have dynamic ratings, which means that their OVR and stats will increase in accordance with certain rules.

Find out exactly how the Ones to Watch card upgrades work in FUT 23 below.

OTW Upgrades Explained

Firstly, OTW cards will automatically upgrade to the OVR of the in-form card with every selection in the Team of the Week (TOTW).

The OTW version will not change position in line with the TOTW card.

OTW players will also be eligible for a 'Wins to Watch' upgrade.

For the Wins to Watch upgrade, players will receive a one-time upgrade to their stats if their team wins three matches out of their next eight domestic league games, starting from the full launch of FIFA 23.

'Nations to Watch' Upgrades

OTW items in FUT 23 will not only be eligible for a 'Wins to Watch' upgrade, but also a 'Nations to Watch' upgrade too.

The Nations to Watch upgrade will see players receive an upgrade if their nation wins a match during the World Cup.

This upgrade is available to players regardless of whether they are selected for their national team.

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