FIFA 23 Ones to Watch: European Players DOMINATE Squad Mini-Release

Bergwijn Ajax

Bergwijn Ajax

FIFA 23 has just been released but the Ones to Watch Event is already well underway.

Some of the world's biggest stars have made moves for this season, and now have dynamic cards in FIFA 23 to celebrate.

Each player in the event has seen a change of jersey for this season and has the potential for upgrades as the season progresses.

Ones To Watch

Upon release EA Announced the following on their website:

They’ve made their big move, now the world is watching what’s next. Ones To Watch celebrates the biggest signings of the transfer window with dynamic FIFA 23 Ultimate Team™ items that have the potential to upgrade all season long based on how players perform for their new clubs.

As they leave their mark on the pitch for their new clubs, players’ Ones To Watch items will upgrade when they receive a performance-based special item such as Team of the Week or Man of the Match

The Squad was first released on Friday, September 30th, and now three more players have been unveiled.

Matthijs De Ligt (OVR 85)

De Ligt has just completed his transfer to Bayern, and will no doubt be a fantastic addition to the club.

Known for his stellar leadership, Bayern will benefit greatly from his prowess in the back line.

Steven Bergwijn (OVR 80)

After playing for Ajax at the youth level, Bergwijn is back and will be taking no prisoners.

One of the most talented wingers in Europe with blistering pace, he is unmissable for your Ultimate Team.

Renato Sanches (OVR 80)

After a long battle with Arsenal, PSG has acquired Sanches in the midfield.

A great all-around player in the centre, he is a fantastic investment for any FIFA player.

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