FIFA 23 News: Matchday Experience set to be the most IMMERSIVE yet

The FIFA 23 reveal trailer has landed, bringing with it some new information regarding this year's game.

Find out everything you need to know about the brand new Matchday Experience features, with the smallest details set to make the biggest difference in this year's game.

NEW Features Revealed

EA has released yet another flashy trailer and pitch notes, this time detailing some of the new aesthetic changes that will be arriving.

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FAN ZONE - Brand new cinematic cut-scenes have been added

FIFA 23 is set to bring one of the most immersive matchday experiences to date, with a host of changes making this year's game feel more real than ever before.

Pitch Notes

EA has revealed the following, promising that matchday experiences in FIFA 23 will be taken a whole new level

  • HYPERMOTION2 AR REPLAYS: Augmented reality replay and overlay features powered by HyperMotion2 give you more information during shot and free kick replays, providing you with a new layer of detail including XG, shot power and shooting distance.
  • PRE-MATCH BUILD-UP: High-energy in and out of stadium scenes combine with new audio to build the energy and anticipation ahead of the biggest games, lifting the match atmosphere and drama of title clashes, six pointers, cup finals, and more.
  • HYPER-REALISTIC PITCH: A huge leap forward in visual quality makes the pitch look better than ever in FIFA 23. See pitches wear as players slide to tackle opponents or celebrate goals.
  • REALISTIC 3D NETTING: New 3D textures bring enhanced lighting and feel to the net in FIFA 23, enabling that signature ripple when the ball hits the back of the net.
  • HIGH LOD CROWDS: New crowd detail makes stadiums feel more alive, with more variety amongst supporters, new clothing types, and more
  • FEMALE OFFICIALS: FIFA 23 brings more diversity to the pitch with female officials in the game for the first time, with mixed gender officiating teams in FUT, Pro Clubs and beyond. -
  • NEW TRAINER: A updated look for FIFA Trainer adds a more modern and visual design, with new graphics that help you take your skills to the next level on and off the ball.
  • CAMERA REFRESH: New shallow depth of field cameras bring a new layer of visual quality to FIFA 23, matching the style of football broadcasting to bring you closer to the action.
  • IN-MATCH MUSIC: Enjoy a more casual feel to matches, with the ability to listen to FIFA 23 Soundtrack music during your games instead of commentary.
  • NEW POST-GOAL SOUND EFFECTS: Celebrate your best strikes with new post-goal sound effects, including sirens, buzzers, animal noises, and more!

Better Than Ever

These kinds of additions are the sort of thing that hardcore FIFA fans have been calling out for for years, with little adjustments set to make a massive difference overall when immersing yourself in the brand new game.

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BACK OF THE NET - Scoring will be more satisfying than ever in FIFA 23

New goal nets, pitch types and a generally improved pre-match build-up is set to take FIFA 23 to the next level, and we can't wait to get stuck in.

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