FIFA 23 - New TOTY Icon and Alternate Reality Icon card types LEAKED



FUT Centurions is currently supplying the content in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, but there is really only one promo we want to see right now - Team of the Year!

Regarded as one of the best campaigns of the whole season, it will bring some insanely high-rated cards to the game, and it looks to be even bigger and better this year.

That is because some new Icon card types have been leaked to join the party, so find out what they are below...


Fut Scoreboard, an account that mines data from the FIFA 23 game code, revealed on Twitter that two new Icon card types have been added!

Sometimes when this is revealed it just supports the information about cards we knew were coming, however, this time something special looks to be on the way.

That is because the titles given to the cards are TOTY Icon and Alternate Reality Icon!

This is something we've never seen before, so speculation on what they could be is mounting fast.

Icons Evolved

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team scrapped the Prime Icon Moments card type, replacing them with Campaign Icons, which would be released throughout the game cycle to match the power curve of the time.

Campaign Icons could be released to accompany the promo at the current time, as we saw with FUT Heroes being included in the FUT Captains and Shapeshifters events last year.

We have already seen this used effectively, with World Cup Icons released during the mammoth World Cup celebrations, being included in multiple promo squads and as SBCs.

It looks like TOTY Icons will work in a similar way and we think these will be handed out to the current crop of Icons who have also had a TOTY inclusion since it began in FIFA 09.

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NEW LEASE OF LIFE - Icons have become even better than ever with the new Campaign cards

That would mean Iker Casillas, Carles Puyol, Rio Ferdinand, Steven Gerrard, Kaka, Xavi, Fernando Torres, Nemanja Vidic, Wayne Rooney, Xabi Alonso and Phillip Lahm could be handed a boosted Campaign Icon card!

The Alternate Reality Icon is a really intriguing prospect and we think that it could apply to the classic Icons that weren't playing at a time when Ultimate Team and TOTY were around.

The alternate reality part would be fulfilled by showing what these players would have looked like had there been a FUT TOTY at the time.

Of course, this is all speculation at this point, but we are really excited to see what EA has in store for us!

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