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A great set-piece routine in FIFA 23 can give you that extra edge over the opposition, whether it grabs you a goal against the run of play in Ultimate Team or gets you through a tough defence in Career Mode.

With the gameplay changes made to corners in this year's title, it took players a bit of time to find out the best way to execute plays, but soon enough overpowered routines were discovered.

However, the latest Live Tuning Update has brought in a change that totally nerfs the go-to routines many of us were using!

Deadly Delivery

When we talk about overpowered corners we actually mean that in two ways!

First, it's because corners could often be undefendable, leaving you helpless to interact with the ball and ultimately taking some of the fun and challenge from the game.

Second, is because to deliver these types of corners meant sending the power bar to maximum, in order to drive in a low-flighted ball with pace.

If you picked out one of your players they could easily nod the ball into the net without the defenders or goalkeeper having a chance to stop it.

To counteract this, many people would move their goalkeeper off the line in order to intercept the ball, yet this left the goal open!

It was easy to put an inswinger straight into the net once you learnt the angles, curve and power needed, so much so that it almost became a guaranteed goal that you didn't need much skill to pull off.

Live Tuning Update #5

On Wednesday, 8 January, EA rolled out Live Tuning Update #5, with just one focus area addressed.

The changes made were as follows:

  • Slightly reduced the velocity of the ball when hit from fully powered corner kicks.
  • Moderately increased the elevation at which the ball travels when hit from fully powered corners.

Despite the words "slightly" and "moderately" suggesting a small change, in actual fact corners have been completely altered and you will now find fully powered-up corners will shoot skywards and often find a player on the edge of the box.

A new sweet spot will surely be found for taking corner kicks, but in the meantime, you won't be able to use the reliable routine many have employed for the last few months.

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