FIFA 23 - Icon ERROR continues to frustrate FUT fans



As FIFA 23 and Ultimate Team fans, we've become accustomed to various errors throughout the current campaign (and, let's face it, many previous titles).

Usually, widespread faults are dealt with quite swiftly, however, there is a current bug which EA seem to be having trouble rectifying...

Funny Faces

World Cup Icons were the first batch of the new Campaign Icon type introduced to FIFA 23 Ultimate Team.

Replacing the Icon Moments version we had seen in previous titles, the idea was that Campaign Icons could be released throughout the year to keep up with the power curve of the game.

The thinking was sound and the cards were released as part of the World Cup celebrations, however, there was a slight hitch.

Many of the player's appearances changed when in a match, with a notable one being Didier Drogba showing as Paolo Maldini!

Others include Petr Cech looking like Peter Schmeichel, Hernan Crespo like Alessandro Del Piero, and several have different faces from their usual Icon versions, with very generic features that make them unrecognisable on looks alone.

The generic faces have impacted nearly all of the World Cup Icons, however, it has been pointed out that it was only cards from Team 1 of the WC Icons release where players took on the appearance of another Icon.

No Quick Fix

On the surface, it would seem this should be a fairly straightforward fix for EA, just making sure the player bodies are assigned to the correct player models in the code.

However, that is an overly simplified view of what needs to happen, with multiple messages from various EA helpdesks giving similar replies.

"It seems to be a more complicated issue that currently cannot be resolved [...] it is a more significant problem than initially thought," one message read.

The error is being worked on, yet it looks like it won't be fixed anytime soon, with no timeframe given for when it should be sorted.

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