FIFA 23: How to get Regens in Career Mode

fifa 23 is set to hit shelves in just a matter of weeks as the official release date edges closer.

In order to keep a fresh player pool circulating in Career Mode, when a veteran player retires, the game will automatically create a 'Regen' version of them that will take their place.

Once the very best players in world football such as the likes of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo retire, a Regen with huge potential will appear at the start of the following season.

Each Regen will be unique to your save, so, although we can't give you names to look out for, we can teach you how to identify and sign them for your club.

How to identify a Regen

We expect the Regen system to be the same of that in FIFA 22.

The Regen will be aged between 16 and 21 years old and will have the following same qualities as the original player you are looking for:

  • Nationality
  • Position(s)
  • Birthday
  • League (the same league as the original player retired in)

Note, if the player's contract expired at the same time as they retired, their Regen can be found in the Free Agents section.

The Regen will also have the same potential as the retired player, which allows you to pick the next top talents.

It's important to know that the Regen will have a different name and physical features, along with randomly generated stats.

How to sign a Regen

There is a bit of work to be done to sign the best Regens in FIFA 23 Career Mode.

Use a combination of the scout and your own knowledge to find ageing players who were once top class and then either:

  • Check to see if they are retiring at the end of the season.
  • Add them to your transfer targets - when they disappear from the list they have retired.
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THE GOATS - Who will take over once the two GOATS retire?

Then, you will need to search in the league the original player retired in for a player of the same nationality and position.

If you can't find the player you're looking for there, check in the Free Agents hub.

There may be multiple Regen players of the same nationality and position that appear at the same time, in this case, you can go to 'edit player' and check their date of birth matches with that of the retired player you were after.

Once you have found your transfer target, all you need to do is convince them to join your club with an offer.

You'll need to be quick, though, as the computer will also act quickly to sign these players due to their high potential in-game.

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