FIFA 23 - Spurs striker faces downgrade as serial BOTTLER blows England’s World Cup hopes

The Three Lions fought valiantly at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar but it just wasn't to be in the end, thanks to one man in particular.

England fans' World Cup hopes and dreams came down to one moment, one penalty, one man.

Harry Kane stepped up in the 84th minute of the World Cup Quarter-Final and, in typical Spurs fashion, blazed the shot well over the bar.

So, this begs the question - why is Harry Kane rated so highly in FIFA 23 if he can't produce in the big moments?

Downgrade looming

Well, EA will have to answer this question as we head towards next year's game, EA Sports FC, and we doubt it'll be good news for the England captain.

Harry Kane currently has an 89 OVR card in FIFA 23 with 92 Composure and 92 Penalties.

Well, this just won't stand. The Tottenham Hotspur forward simply cannot have a composure rating in the 90s when he has performed so poorly in the biggest moments of his career.

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CRUSHED DREAMS - Harry Kane broke the hearts of a nation

Whilst we understand that Kane is a good penalty taker, for the most part, there's no way he can retain his current 92 rating.

A penalty is all about handling the pressure of the moment and the Spurs striker most certainly did not do that.

So, following his nightmare of a display against France, Harry Kane's Composure and Penalties ratings should be slashed down to the 50s.

Serial bottler

To emphasise how much of a bottler Harry Kane really is, we've pulled together a list of semi-finals and finals that the Spurs striker has played in over the years.

2015 League Cup Final - Lost to Chelsea.

2017 FA Cup Semi-Final - Lost to Chelsea (again).

2018 FA Cup Semi-Final - Lost to Man United and was absolutely abysmal.

2018 World Cup Semi-Final - Lost to Croatia after failing to square the ball to Raheem Sterling to tap it into an empty net and make it 2-0.

2019 League Cup Semi-Final - Lost to Chelsea (for a third time).

2019 UEFA Champions League Final - Lost to Liverpool and played woefully.

2020 Euro Final - Lost to Italy.

2021 League Cup Final - Lost to Manchester City. Another disastrous performance.

2022 League Cup Semi-Final - Lost to Chelsea (Chelsea fans must love Kane).

And to top it all off, Kane missed the decisive penalty in the World Cup Quarter-Final which ultimately resulted in a loss to France.

Oh, and don't forget the England captain leading the Three Lions to a wonderful relegation from the Nations League.

Pinch of salt

In all seriousness, Harry Kane is a very good footballer.

England's number nine will go on to break Wayne Rooney's all-time goalscoring record, of which he is now level, and deserves to be remembered as one of the Three Lions' best strikers of all time.

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CLASS IS PERMANENT - Kane will bounce back from his penalty miss

However, despite the unbelievable quality that Kane possesses, as long as he doesn't win a major trophy he can never be compared to the likes of Rooney, Shearer, Owen and Greaves.

Similarly, even if he goes on to break Alan Shearer's all-time Premier League goalscoring record, he will never come close to Aguero, Henry, Suarez and Co.

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