FIFA 23: Footgolf mode could bring FUN back to FIFA

Footgolf has been around for a few years now and has grown in popularity amongst the footballing community due to its novelty, freshness, inclusiveness and amusement.

Plenty of new features are on their way to FIFA 23 already, but we feel the addition of a Footgolf game mode could revive a certain fun element that the game has lacked over the past couple of years.

So, check out how a Footgolf mode could work in FIFA 23 below.

What is Footgolf?

As the name suggests, Footgolf is made by combining football and golf, but Footgolf is neither totally like football or golf.

The game involves kicking a football into a hole in as few kicks as possible.

Footgolf uses the same model as golf, with a fairway, tees, hazards, bunkers and 9 or 18 holes of play.

fifa 22 de bruyne
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THE PASS MASTER - KDB would be the perfect Footgolf player

Every hole is the same, like the golf scorecard, where you can play in a pair, as a trio or in a group of four.

The main differences between Footgolf and golf are the size of the holes, usually shorter fairways and the lack of golf equipment. 

The best thing about Footgolf is that you can play without any expert practice. It’s great for any age and ability.

Footgolf in FIFA 23

Popular YouTuber Jake Barford posed the question to his followers regarding Footgolf in FIFA 23 and it got us thinking, how would a footgolf mode actually work in FIFA?

Much like in Pro Clubs, you and your friends could jump online and play as a team against other squads, climbing the ranks as you win more matches.

Be careful though, you do NOT want to be the player to miss the winning put on the final hole or the voice chat could go crazy.

Or, you could take your friends, or random online opponents, on in 1 v 1 battles in solos mode, allowing you to take full responsibility for your success on the course.

We'd also love to see a training course, or courses, implemented into the Footgolf game mode, where you can practise your techniques in preparation for big matches.

Customisation to the Max

The Footgolf mode could take customisation to a whole new level in FIFA 23.

In the squad mode, you'll be able to design a team kit, much like in Career Mode, but with plenty of accessory options such as tracksuits, hats, glasses, jewellery and boots.

Whilst in solos, you will have the option to choose some really whacky outfits, such as football mascot costumes, fancy dress or even a full three-piece suit.

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MASCOT MAYHEM - Suit up as your favourite mascot in FIFA 23 Footgolf mode

On top of the player customisation, we'd love to see EA implement course customisation, similar to that of PGA Tour 2K23.

The PGA Tour 2K23 Course Designer allows you to create your own 18-hole course that can feature a number of different variables including hazardous swamps, treacherous rivers and woodland areas with towering trees.

Once you've completed your masterpiece, you will be able to share it with your friends and the community by uploading it.

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