Easiest ways to make coins on FIFA 23 right now

fifa 23 saka arsenal

fifa 23 saka arsenal

FUT players are always searching for the easiest ways to make coins on FIFA.

We are at an interesting point in the FIFA 23 Ultimate Team game cycle right now, as we are between the Team of the Year (TOTY) and Team of the Season (TOTS) promos.

Whilst there are some exciting promotional events coming our way, including FUT Birthday, many FUT fans refer to this point in the game cycle as 'dead'.

However, if you're looking to make coins, this is the best time to do it.

So, we're here to explain why it's the best time to trade in FUT 23 and run you through the easiest ways to make coins on FIFA 23 right now.

Why is trading so easy right now?

Making coins in Ultimate Team is easier than ever right now and that is largely due to the fact that there is less competition on the market.

With less hype for the game at the moment, there are fewer people trying to trade, which means you can pick up certain players for a better price with fewer eyes on them.

On top of this, with fewer packs being opened by players, the supply of promo items reduces, naturally increasing their rarity and price as a result.

This makes promo items better to trade with if you are on a higher budget.

Trading with Silvers

If you are starting with a budget of 100,000 coins or less, we've got a simple trading method for you.

Head to FUTBIN and search for all Silver cards. Sort them by price, so you have the most expensive Silvers at the top.

Then scroll down until you find players selling for roughly 2,000-3,000 coins.

fifa 23 mbappe
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SMILES ALL ROUND - Who doesn't love making money in FUT?

Check their price graph and most will fluctuate regularly due to various League SBCs or certain Marquee Matchups etc.

Sifting through Silver cards on FUTBIN can also highlight profitable sniping filters for you.

For example, if you notice that Silver Serie A right-backs are selling for 3k+ on the market, these will be great to target and will give you instant profit.

Trading with 82s

Trading with 82 OVR cards is a recent phenomenon that could be viable for a while in FUT 23.

The demand for 82 OVR items spikes with various SBCs that are released.

For example, the 82+ Player Pick SBC that is live now requires an 82 OVR squad, creating a constant demand for 82-rated cards on the market.

This means 82 OVRs are selling for an inflated price. Usually, they sell for around 750-800 coins but are now priced at 1,300-1,600 coins.

fifa 23 timo werner
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TIMO - Werner is a great 82 OVR card to trade with in FUT 23

Keep an eye on the value of 82s throughout the week as they regularly drop to 900-1,000 coins. This drop usually happens on the weekend.

When the price drops, buy in bulk and hold them until the price rises to above 1,300 coins again.

You'll even be able to sell 82 OVRs for slightly above their market value and take advantage of lazy buyers who are looking to fill their SBCs quickly.

SBC fodder trading

If you are on a slightly higher budget, perhaps on a budget of over 150,000 coins, trading with SBC fodder is a surefire way to easily make coins in the long term.

SBC fodder price fluctuates significantly week-by-week. 85 OVR cards have been fluctuating the most in recent weeks.

Take Marcos Acuna's price, for example. You can see from FUTBIN's price graph below that his price rises and falls every week without fail.

Right now, it is selling for an inflated price but it will surely drop soon.

fifa 23 futbin acuna price
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TAKE ADVANTAGE - There is huge profit to be made here

The timing here is key. Usually, the best time to buy is late on Friday or Saturday with the new promo supply and increased supply due to lightning rounds.

Then, you often have an opportunity to sell later in the week because on a Sunday or Monday EA tends to drop a big SBC like an Icon or Player Pick, making fodder prices move.

This means by stockpiling 85 OVRs on your trade pile for just a few days, you can make a large profit with very little effort and time put in, making it one of the easiest ways to make coins on FIFA.

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