EA finally fixes MONSTROUS face scan in FIFA 23



At the start of the FIFA 23 game cycle, fans were left shocked by certain player faces that looked nothing like the stars themselves, despite EA priding the new game on realism.

It wasn't just the players that were affected, though, as several managers including the likes of Frank Lampard and Erik ten Hag were almost unrecognisable.

One manager's appearance was the most distant from his real-life look, though and that man is Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta.

Well, the latest update has seen plenty of fresh face scans added and thankfully, EA has finally addressed one of the most monstrous faces in the game.

When I don’t get a face scan, I am upset

Let's first take a look back to September 2022 and the uproar that sparked on social media following the reveal of Mikel Arteta's FIFA 23 appearance.

The issue among football fans was that the Spaniard’s virtual self bore very little resemblance to the real thing.

The 40-year-old’s avatar was given much thicker facial hair with everything from facial structure to posture inaccurate.

Images of Arteta in the game circulated online, with many fans in disbelief at the appearance of the former Gunners midfielder.

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UNRECOGNISABLE - Who is this guy?

One fan wrote: “They done arteta dirty ain’t no way.”

Others joked using references from Arteta’s infamous pre-match speeches that aired on Arsenal’s All or Nothing documentary last year.

A third added: “Arteta looks like Michael from GTA.”

One FIFA user was left notably angry: “Hey @EASPORTSFIFAis there a particular reason why Arsenal’s players and manager look so inaccurate in your new game? Are you not allowed to use their likenesses or something? Genuinely curious. Feel free to DM.”

EA's failure to replicate Arteta’s face from scratch was all the more confusing considering he had a face scan during his last appearance in the game as a player in FIFA 16.

New year, new Mikel

Well, EA has finally fixed this monstrosity. The Arsenal manager, who is making quite the impression in the footballing world, now resembles himself in-game.

A number of Arsenal's players have recently been given new face scans too, including their young French centre-back, William Saliba.

As you can see from the image below, Mikel Arteta thankfully now looks like Mikel Arteta in FIFA 23.

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YOUNG GUNS - Mikel's young Arsenal team is flying at the moment

Arteta's new look can be found in all FIFA 23 game modes, including Ultimate Team, Career Mode and quickplay modes like Kick Off.

Assuming you have downloaded the latest FIFA 23 update, the Spanish manager will no longer look like a stranger on the touchline.

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