FIFA 23 - Duplicate item error leads to EXTRA World Cup Swaps Tokens



It wouldn't feel like a normal week in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team if EA hadn't made an error!

There was another classic doozie from the company, this time with some of the World Cup content.

Find out about the World Cup Swaps Tokens mistake and how that will lead to unequal rewards for some users below.

Error Report

Saturday, 3 December, 2pm ET / 6pm GMT, the usual content drop hits FIFA 23 Ultimate Team.

Another objective set comes to the Milestones section, with the highly original name of FIFA World Cup Swaps Showcase IV.

It contains the usual four tasks we've gotten used to in the previous three incarnations of the set, with the usual rewards of a World Cup Players Pack and a World Cup Swap Token.

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There is the usual copy-and-paste format of challenges, just with the nations required for the tasks changed.

However, someone forgot to update the rewards on three of the objectives, resulting in three duplicate World Cup Swaps Tokens being released!

Cashing In

When the error was spotted, many people recognised this opportunity and pounced.

They knew if they completed the tasks (which required them to assist seven goals with crosses using Canadian players, play eight matches with six Portuguese World Cup Player items starting, and win six matches with six Belgian WC Player items), then compensation would likely come their way!

To get all three tokens could have been a bit of a slog, with 14 matches in either Squad Battles or Rivals being the least amount of games to complete it in.

That's around three hours (unless your opponent quits early) to try and beat EA to the punch, claim your duplicate Swaps Tokens, and wait to see what the response is!

Compensation Coming

It is unclear how soon after the error EA was alerted to the fault, but what we do know is, just after midnight on Saturday, 4 December, it was corrected.

Through the official FIFA Direct Communication account on Twitter, a message was put out saying the duplicate World Cup Swaps Tokens in Objectives had been sorted.

The tweet also announced, "Those that received incorrect Swap Tokens will receive the correct ones, in game, in the coming days."

That means that the users that acted quickly on the error will get not only the three duplicate Swaps Tokens but the correct three as well, giving them an extra three compared to everyone else!

You can keep on top of all the latest World Cup Swaps using our Token Tracker.

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