Three changes that will DRASTICALLY improve FUT 23's Chemistry system

FIFA 23 is here and EA has blessed us with plenty of awesome Ultimate Team content so far, with the Rulebreakers campaign currently in full swing.

Players are getting stuck into the biggest and best competitions in FUT 23, but there's one thing that is holding their squads back - the new FUT Chemistry system.

Whilst we feel the new Chemistry system is a welcome addition to the game mode, there are several simple changes that can be made to significantly improve it.

New Levels

The main problem with the current Chemistry system in Ultimate Team lies with the positions of players.

We love the new position change idea, where a player can play in multiple positions in different parts of the field, rather than the one-dimensional position changes we saw in FUT 22.

However, the new Chemistry system does not give ANY leeway to players that are slightly out of position, as they receive zero Chemistry.

In real-world football, anybody that can play well on the right wing can also do a more than adequate job in the right midfield position, but this is not the case in FIFA 23.

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VERSATILE BALLER - Sterling is comfortable playing on both flanks

For instance, Chelsea's Raheem Sterling can play as a right-winger but not a right-midfielder in Ultimate Team. Once you move him to the RM position, he automatically gets 0 Chemistry - this makes NO sense.

So, to combat this, we believe EA should add a fourth Chemistry point in for each player that relates to their position, allowing players to play with cards slightly off-chem.

Essentially, this would allow you to play Sterling as a right-midfielder on three Chemistry points (out of four) rather than zero.

Simplify The Process

One of the most frequent complaints amongst the FIFA community is that the Chemistry system is too complicated.

In order to help users understand what is required for certain players to achieve full Chemistry, EA should add a more detailed information tab.

This information tab will tell you what criteria of players you need to add to the squad in order to get another Chemistry point on any given player.

For example, if you select Real Madrid centre-back Eder Militao, the Chemistry information tab may say 'Add another player from La Liga to reach three Chemistry points'.

This will makes life easier and squad building more enjoyable for all.

Draft Adjustments

Finally, we believe EA must introduce position changes into FUT Draft.

When building a draft it can be extremely frustrating seeing a top-class centre-forward pop up that you wish to use before realising that your formation only holds the striker position.

This problem can be fixed with ease.

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GO ALL THE WAY - How many FUT Draft wins do you have in FIFA 23 so far?

You would essentially be given unlimited position modifier consumables within the FUT Draft, allowing you to switch any given player to their alternate positions.

Position changes in the draft will also make building your ultimate XI easier than ever.

This is such a simple addition that would drastically improve the FUT Draft experience.

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