FIFA 23 - Five forgotten features we would love to see return

FIFA 23 has arrived, but with EA Sports FC just around the corner, we want to take a look at some classic features that we'd love to see return.

Whilst new innovations are always welcome, what about old ideas that fell by the wayside?

In this list, we want to take a look at five old school FIFA features - once removed - that we would like to see return.

EA Catalogue

An offline marketplace for those that aren't taken by Ultimate Team, the EA Catalogue was a place in which players could purchase a multitude of items with EA coins.

From financial takeovers in Career Mode to classic kits for offline play, The EA Catalogue rewarded players for putting in hours offline.

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PUT IN THE WORK - The EA Catalogue was a go-to for many Career Mode players

The catalogue didn't return to FIFA 21 and has been absent ever since, but we think it should make a comeback.

With a plethora of items that could be included in the catalogue, EA should return to the old days of offering valuable items to those that put in the time, rather than those that invest the most money.


When FIFA Ultimate Team started, it was an exciting take on the playground football cards frenzy.

Having the best cards, begging mum to buy you some packs at the supermarket, and then trading your doubles with mates.

Unfortunately, trading no longer exists in Ultimate Team, with the ability to trade with other players removed when the system was abused by people scamming/buying coins.

Of course, there are risks that come with trading, but we think EA could find a solution that would help everyone.

Maybe isolate the trading ability between friends, or even have caps on what can be offered for certain players.

Either way, trading is a fundamental element of Ultimate Team that needs to return in FIFA 23.

World Cup Mode

With the 2022 World Cup in Qatar arriving at the end of this season, we are hoping that a World Cup mode will be included in FIFA 23.

The 2010 and 2014 World Cup games were some of the best and most unique games EA has ever produced, and whilst we aren't hoping for another full release, we do think there is plenty of scope for features to be incorporated in FIFA 23.

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UP FOR THE CUP - World Cup mode could be returning for FIFA 23

From special cards in Ultimate Team to an entire extension dedicated to the World Cup tournament, we sincerely hope EA don't miss the chance to make FIFA 23 shine even more.

Lounge Play

Lounge Play simply must return to FIFA 23, with the exciting game mode absent from FIFA for too many years.

An offline mode - that could easily be converted to online - Lounge Play was a more rounded version of the whacky Kick Off game modes we see in FIFA today.

Altering your opponents based on skill, Lounge Play gave you the chance to undercut your mates and level the playing field.

Just been smashed 6-0? Simply apply the 50% stamina cheat to your mate's team and watch them struggle.

A super fun mode with plenty of possibilities, we'd love to see Lounge Play return in FIFA 23.

Minor Touches

This next entry is simple proof that FIFA fans are easily pleased and don't ask for much, as we include ourselves in that.

From the animated pen that was used to sign contracts in Career Mode, to different stadium backgrounds, there are some small details missing from FIFA 22 that made past instalments all the more enjoyable.

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BRING IT BACK - Everyone was excited by Career Mode's animated pen

For instance, if you were using Manchester United in Career Mode, your UI background would be Old Trafford, rather than some generic pattern.

These touches may seem minor, but they could add an extra level of immersion to FIFA 23.

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